Ready to wrap yourself up in bacon goodness this winter?


As the winter chill hits, why not wrap yourself up in bacon goodness this season. Oscar Mayer is ready to bring the sizzle this holiday season.

What can make a night on the couch more inviting? Sure, the sizzle of bacon can awaken people from a sound slumber, but don’t you want to be wrapped up in bacon goodness all day long. Luckily, Oscar Mayer has the answer to wrapping yourself in bacon all winter long.

Now, if you thought that a person was going to literally wrap herself in bacon, that concept is a little much. Sure, that idea might actually happen, but it would probably be quite messy (not to mention expensive).

This holiday season, Oscar Mayer has come up with the next best thing, the Oscar Mayer BAEcon Blanket. This 15 lb. weighted blanket is designed with “delicious strips of sizzlin’ Oscar Mayer Bacon.”

Now, this blanket was promoted as part of the “cuffing” season, but it doesn’t have to be that limited. If you aren’t familiar with “cuffing season” it is the concept to “tie up” with someone just to have someone to snuggle with during the cold, winter months. But, you don’t have to be a “couple” to want a bacon blanket. Doesn’t bacon pair with almost everything?

In many ways, bacon is always the perfect pairing for almost any meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert can be made tastier with bacon. Who hasn’t thought that this dish would be better with bacon at least once a day?

Of course, this bacon blanket is part of a Twitter giveaway for the brand. While it is fun, the bacon blanket brought various questions to mind. For example, does the blanket come with the enticing aroma of bacon sizzling on the stove? What if you like crispy bacon and your “bae” likes less crispy? How do you choose which bacon is best?

While this item is a fun promotion, it seems likely that many people would love to have one of these bacon blankets arrive under the Christmas tree. Just look at the excitement over the Hidden Valley Ranch Christmas stocking. People love their foodie inspired home goods.

If you want a chance to get a bacon blanket from Oscar Mayer, head check out all the details on Twitter. Even if you don’t get a bacon blanket, you can have your own bacon goodness by cooking up some bacon on your own. Who doesn’t need a little extra sizzle during the holidays?

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Are you going to try to win one of these bacon blankets? Would you eat bacon at every meal?