Are 49ers using the Packers for the ultimate nachos inspiration?


Could the ultimate nachos inspiration really fuel the rivalry on the field? This week’s 49ers versus Packers game could be a Cheesehead throwdown.

Ultimate nachos could be a game changer at this weekend’s 49ers versus Packers game. While football fans are anticipating the Sunday night game, Levi Stadium is bringing out a special menu item for this weekend’s game. Are you hungry for this week’s match-up?

According to Levi’s Stadium, Sunday night’s game will feature Cheesy Beer Brat Nachos, a nod to the visiting Green Bay Packers. These ultimate nachos are described as “Tostitos Crispy Rounds, Tostitos Nacho Cheese, caramelized onions, grilled bratwurst, tangy sauerkraut relish and green onions.”

Looking at these nachos, they are quite a flavorful bite. While the Tostitos offer the crunch, the big flavors come from the brats. Although these brats are cut into pieces, finding one piece in each bite is like scoring a touchdown.

The most interesting part of these nachos is the sauerkraut relish. This ingredient should be quite pungent. While brats and kraut are a good pairing, it will be interesting to see how it pairs with nacho cheese.

Photo: Cheesy Beer Brat Nachos with Tostitos Crispy Rounds.. Photo provided by San Francisco 49ers Communications Team

Overall, this special “cheesehead” nachos should be a huge hit. Even if guests aren’t fans of the Frozen Tundra team, they might want to sample these ultimate nachos.

Adding this special menu item for the Green Bay Packers game again the 49ers is smart. Packers fans travel well and those cheeseheads might be craving a bite of home. These nachos are a fun way to stoke the rivalry fire off the field.

According to Levi’s Stadium, other upcoming games will feature special menu items based on the visiting opponents. While the exact details aren’t available yet, it will be interesting to see what the culinary team will create.

These special menu items show how food and sports are becoming more and more intertwined. Today’s savvy fan is looking for creativity, even in the classic nachos. Offering themed items, like a twist based on a visiting team, is a smart idea for the culinary team.

If you want to try the Cheesy Beer Brat Nachos, guests can head to the Tostitos® Nachos Cart, which is located on the Pepsi Fan Deck.

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Would you eat one or two orders of these Cheesy Beer Brat Nachos on Sunday? More importantly, do you think the Packers or the 49ers will win the game (and a plate of tasty nachos?)