Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce: Global inspired satisfying heat


With the new Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce, this globally inspired Tabasco will add a boost of flavor to a variety of recipes. Ready to take a flavor journey?

Tabasco is a table and pantry staple in most households. The newly released Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce is an innovative take on a pepper sauce. In addition to blending a touch of sweet with the heat, this combination of peppers and spices create a global flavor journey. Are you ready to start flavor exploring?

Available online, the limited-edition Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce combines the Peruvian rocoto pepper with an aromatic Middle Eastern spice blend, a touch of maple syrup and a pinch of Original Red Sauce. While there is a touch of heat, this pepper sauce is more on the mild side. Even though the heat isn’t scorching, the depth of flavor is quite enjoyable.

Looking at this Tabasco flavor, the combination of global flavors is quite interesting. Rocoto peppers are common in Peruvian cuisine, as well as other Hispanic cuisines. With Peruvian cuisine having a moment, more foodies are looking to explore these flavors. Unlike other peppers with extreme heat, these peppers offer a more balanced, nuanced heat but still have their own bold quality.

One of the interesting aspects to these peppers is that the seeds are black. Looking at this sauce, the black seeds add almost a speckled look. Not only do the seeds add flavor, but they enhance the visual.

While spice lovers want the kick of heat, this Tabasco sauce offers layers of flavors. After the heat from the rocoto peppers, the warmth from the Middle Eastern spices hit. With notes of clove, cinnamon and cardamom, the spices offer a touch of umami to the sauce.

These spices make this sauce quite intriguing when used in recipes. In some ways, the Middle Eastern spices open up more possibilities. Even a touch of this Tabasco sauce on fresh fruit, incorporated into a dipping sauce or even mixed into a quick bread dough could be quite delightful.

For the person who might not be a huge spice fan, this particular Tabasco sauce fall in the middle of the Scoville Heat Scale. Given that this sauce has a touch of maple syrup, the sauce feels rather rounded in flavor. While the sweet isn’t overly strong, it tames the fire to ensure that you can go back for another bite.

To celebrate the launch of the Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce, Tabasco partnered with celebrated New Orleans chef, Chef Akhtar Nawab of Otra Vez on a special recipe. His recipe, Albondigas Roti, will be featured at Otra Vez and can be found on the Tabasco website.

This recipe highlights the global influence. From the nuanced Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce to the fish sauce, this dish is a celebration of flavors. Additionally, the pepper sauce is used in two ways, which is a great reminder to the home cook to keep building flavors throughout a dish.

As tempting as Nawab’s recipe is, another approach to using this sauce could be a simple marinade for a fish ceviche. While the Middle Eastern aren’t common in this type of recipe, the warm spices can play off the brightness from the acid in a traditional ceviche. It could be a nice twist from the traditional heat that is often used.

The Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce is available online, while supplies last. The sauce is one of the more than 10 styles of pepper sauces available.

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Are you ready to take a flavor journey? What recipes do you think that this Tabasco sauce would enhance?