Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes: Celebrating baking bright this holiday season


Even amateur bakers can celebrate baking bright this holiday season. Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes will brighten and sweeten up your holidays.

Holiday baking brings many smiles during the season. The Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes are the simple, easy way to make baking bright. Are you ready to get mixing?

From the avid baker to the occasional baker, the holiday season seems to bring everyone to the kitchen. With the warmth of the oven filling the house, there seems to be a sense of comfort from each sweet bite.

Still, all the holiday baking shouldn’t require hours in the kitchen. A few tricks, tips and hacks can make even the most novice baker look like an expert.

Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes making baking bright this holiday season. In just a few steps, anyone can have a tasty treat straight from the oven.

Brittles are popular during the holiday. The cracked, crunchy pieces of sweet treats seem to satisfy in so many ways. From candies to cookies to brownies, there is flavor that will fit anyone’s craving.

Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes come in three flavors, Peanut, Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie. The Peanut Brittle requires no mixing or additional ingredients. Simply spread on a baking sheet and heat.

Anyone who has made Peanut Brittle from scratch knows the effort that it takes. From heating the sugar to the right temperature to getting the right consistency, it takes a deft hand. This brittle mix means that everyone can have peanut brittle this holiday season.

Since these Brittle Mixes are so easy to make, it gives the home baker the opportunity to push their creativity level a little. While the simple brittle is delightful, a few additions can elevate that baked treat into something special.

For example, the brownie brittle can be dipped into some white chocolate and crushed peppermint pieces for the ultimate holiday inspired treat. Not only is it visually pretty, it represents the flavor of the season.

Another option for either the brownie brittle or the chocolate chip cookie brittle would be to use some salted caramel. Either drizzle or dip those brittles into the salted caramel for a very satisfying bite.

Overall, the Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes could become the easiest way to get baking this holiday season. Instead of the classic cutout cookies, why not break up some brittle this season. It could make you the hit of the cookie exchange, talk of holiday party or Santa’s favorite cookie stop.

Betty Croker Brittle Mixes are available at various retailers. Prices may vary.

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What are you baking this holiday season? Is Betty Crocker part of your baking bright?