Wild Turkey makes an Old Fashioned always accessible thanks to a barpack


A great Old Fashioned can make even the most tension filled moments a little more bearable. Wild Turkey has found a way to make that classic cocktail always accessible.

Sometimes a classic cocktail, like an Old Fashioned, can make any moment just better. Wild Turkey has earned it place in bourbon lore. From its long, storied history to its ties to pop culture, the Kentucky bourbon is more than just that kicking chicken.

While some people might enjoy a slow sip of that well aged bourbon, sometimes a classic cocktail can be a better choice. But, bringing the bar on your back hasn’t always been an option, until now. Welcome the Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned Barpack.

This simple, yet genius, idea from Wild Turkey makes its debut at several Turkey Trots across the country. While some people might “walk away” with one of these special “bar backpacks,” the concept is definitely an idea that the bourbon brand needs to make available to all bourbon and cocktail lovers.

Anyone who loves a great Old Fashioned, or other classic cocktails, understands that having a portable bar is often not possible. From the glasses to the shaker to the bourbon, how do you carry all the items in an easy, convenient way? This Barpack is the ultimate solution.

Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned Barpack, photo provided by Wild Turkey

In this bar backpack, there is Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, Powell & Mahoney Simple Syrup, glassware, stirrer, and a few other goodies. While you will need a cooler for your ice, this portable bar has everything else.

Most importantly, it has a built-in shelf that can be used for creating and even serving that cocktail. Basically, the bar and the mixologist can go anywhere and everywhere (as long as alcohol is allowed in that area).

This idea is perfect for the person who loves a classic cocktail outside of the house. From the beach to the campground, it is the perfect solution for anyone who entertains.

Thinking back, my father had something similar to this idea many, many year sago. I remember as a child, my dad carrying his “portable” bar on family vacations to the beach. At the end of the night, he could shake up his cocktail from his little bar suitcase.

Now that I can mix up my own cocktail, this Barpack is going to be my go-to entertaining accessory. No matter where I go, I will be the hostess with the most-est.

While this idea is probably one of the coolest ideas around, Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned Barpack isn’t available in stores. According to the brand, “for those at least 21 years of age in Austin, Chicago and New Orleans running at local “Turkey Trots” this week, they can see the Barpack in real-life and potentially walk away with one of their own.”

But, if you aren’t in one of those cities, don’t be too sad. You can shake up a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned this holiday season. The recipe is simple is straight forward, 2 parts Wild Turkey 101, 1/4 simple syrup and 2 dashes of bitters.

The Wild Turkey 101 has a higher rye content which changes the profile of the classic Old Fashioned slightly. Also, the char from the barrels adds a depth of flavor that rounds out the sweetness from the simple syrup. This classic cocktail is the perfect way to sip, savor and celebrate the holiday season.

If you are ready to take a little trot on the wild side, why not open a bottle of Wild Turkey this holiday season and mix up an Old Fashioned. Even if you don’t have a barpack to take on the trail, a cocktail at home will definitely bring some holiday cheer.

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What is your favorite bourbon cocktail? Would you want a barpack of your own?