Alexa, did people really want these holiday recipes?


As people gather around the holiday table, holiday recipes were a trending topic. Alexa, what  holiday recipes were people requesting?

Popular holiday recipes can be a debatable subject. While grandma might stick with traditional dishes, foodies can want a new twist. Since Alexa is always ready with an answer, what recipes were people requesting this holiday?

The convenience of Amazon Alexa and her vast knowledge has become the easiest way to get an answer, solve a debate or just play some music to drown out the family “conversations.”  This year, Amazon compiled some interesting statistics regarding common requests over Thanksgiving. Here’s a few items that stood out.

Yes, cranberries are still on the table

The often controversial cranberries still found their way to the table. Even though people might laugh at that jellied side dish, the tradition lives on.

Also, green bean casserole remains a holiday recipe staple. Although, the home table’s version won’t break any World Records, it still finds a spot on people’s plates.

Timers have food names

Many people use Alexa as a convenient timer. This year, words like turkey and stuffing were popular names. Even pizza was a popular choice. Wonder if that turkey had an issue?

A moment of zen

Whether it was political conversations or questions about lack of a significant other, sometimes the uncomfortable moments needed a moment of zen. Alexa had many requests for mediation. Hopefully, people found that moment of calm before dessert was served.

Unusual dinner music

While some soothing holiday music can be delightful, one of the top music choices sounded a little more frightful for some. Alexa found many people were requesting “Baby Shark.”  Maybe this choice was payback for Aunt Edna asking if your going to have another baby anytime soon.

Whether you asked Alexa for recipe help or music over the holidays, the Amazon helper is always available with assistance. From needing a good joke to holiday shopping, she can be your holiday helper.

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What did you ask Alexa? More importantly, what holiday recipes are you excited to share this season?