Laughing Man Coffee Company, a great coffee is no laughing matter


For many people coffee is a daily ritual, Laughing Man Coffee Company believes that a great coffee is more than a perfect sip. Positive change comes one coffee at a time.

Can a cup of coffee make a difference? Laughing Man Coffee Company believes that positivity isn’t limited to the simple joy that a great coffee brings. While that morning ritual might start your day right, that single coffee can be the spark of something even greater. Are you ready to embrace some positive changes?

For many people coffee is life. While many people might say that statement is an over-exaggeration, coffee has become interwoven into everyday life. From the caffeine boost to start your day to the delightful chat with an old friend, that steaming warm beverage is more than what it seems.

While many people grasp the goodness that sipping a cup of coffee brings, most people do not think about how that coffee arrived in that cup. The struggle of the coffee farmer to bring that product eventually into a consumer’s mug is far more difficult than people realize.

Laughing Man Coffee Company believes that every cup of coffee can spark a little positivity. Started by Hugh Jackman and David Steingard, the company’s business model might be a little conventional. Out of a personal connection, a business grew and continues to make a difference.

After meeting Dukale, a coffee farmer in Ethiopia, Jackman founded Laughing Man Coffee Company. From that infectious laugh, an idea came to life. Starting with two cafes in Manhattan, the brand grew and now is part of Keurig.

At the core of the company is the idea that the Fair Trade Coffee can and does make a difference. While people might taste the difference, the impact on the coffee farmer is greater. Through the Laughing Man Foundation, the brand makes a difference in global coffee farming communities. Yes, that simple cup of coffee can be a vehicle for positive change.

While spreading positivity is important, coffee lovers crave a tasty cup of coffee. The Laughing Man Coffee Company has a variety of blends that will satisfy anyone’s preferences. From the smoothness of Hugh’s Blend Coffee to the boldness of the Columbia Huila dark roast, there is a flavor that fits every and any occasion.

Personally, a cup of the Columbia Huila Dark Roast is a lovely way to start the day. With hints of dark chocolate and a touch of sweetness from black cherry, this roast is definitely complex. While a touch of cream can add richness, it is equally delightful drunk black.

Additionally, this coffee brand offers recyclable K-cup pods. As many people know, coffee pods can cause waste issues. After emptying the spent coffee, the empty cup can be recycled, where available. Again, it is another way that this company is looking to make a difference with every cup.

Laughing Man Coffee Company offers both K-Cup pods and ground coffee. It be purchased at various retailers and online. Additionally, there are two cafes located in New York City.

Isn’t it come that a cup of coffee spreads some positivity and makes a difference? From one smile to a gesture of good will, coffee can bring a change and that is no laughing matter.

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Have you tried Laughing Man Coffee Company? What is your favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee?