Tim Hortons can be the inspiration to hockey greatness


Tim Hortons has a long-standing connection to hockey. In its new ad, that coffee and donut could be the spark to something even greater.

Certain moments in life can have a bigger impact than what anyone realizes. Tim Hortons, in its new ad, looks at how one simple moment change an entire life. While a chance meeting at a coffee shop might not seem like a big deal, it could lead to a lifetime of hockey greatness.

Many people know that the brand’s connection to hockey. The name, itself, is quite clear. From hockey promotions to its Canadian roots, there are many aspects that endears this brand to hockey fans, Canadians and coffee lovers.

Just in time for the holidays, Tim Hortons released this new ad, “The Autograph.” It tells the story of Wayne Gretzky’s meeting with hockey legend, Tim Horton. Who would have ever thought that an autograph on a coffee napkin could inspired a young boy to become “The Great One.”

“When I was a young boy, I looked up to Tim Horton. He was an icon – one of the best Canadian hockey players of his generation. I would watch him play on TV and every night I went to bed thinking about being like him and playing hockey on TV,” says Wayne. “There have been many moments in my career that I will never forget, but the moment I met Tim in that restaurant and he signed that napkin for me, it inspired me to believe that I could become a professional hockey player like him.”

Here is the ad.

Yes, the story is quite touching. More importantly, it shows that random acts of kindness can have a broader impact than anyone could have ever imagined. Sure, that autograph could have been forgotten, but it became a huge part of Gretzky’s life.

Paloma Azulay, Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Hortons said, “The true story about the meeting between a Canadian hockey icon and a young boy who we would one day call The Great One was the start of something bigger than great – it was the start of something legendary. We’re so proud to have played a small part in such an important moment in hockey, and Canadian, history. We’re excited to share this story with a generation of Canadians who have been inspired by Wayne.”

“The Autograph” ad will start airing on Canadian television during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Junior Championships in this month.

Additionally, consumers can get their brush with greatness when limited-edition tumblers in January 2020. These tumblers will feature The Great One’s autograph and his 99 number. The tumblers will be available while supplies last in locations within Canadian.

The biggest takeaway from this ad is that any moment can impact a lifetime. No one knows when that moment will come. Take each one as a gift and hopefully everyone can find a little touch of greatness in their lives.

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What do you think of this Tim Hortons ad? Have you had a brush with greatness?