Buddy vs. Duff Season 2: Can the Boss beat an Ace?


Buddy vs. Duff Season 2 has just begun filming.  Can the Cake Boss get redemption against the Ace of Cakes?

After a hugely successful first season, Buddy vs. Duff Season 2 has begun filming and is set to premiere in March 2020.  Food Network fans were captivated by the fierce baking competition between these celebrated bakers. Given the heated competition in the first season, what can fans be expect in round 2?

The premise of Buddy vs. Duff was straightforward.  The talented, creative celebrity bakers would go head to head in a series of challenges to determine which baker was the ultimate King of Cakes. After a series of challenges, either Buddy or Duff will be crowned the ultimate winner.

“Audiences were captivated by the real-life rivalry between Buddy and Duff, the extraordinary intensity of the competition and the exquisite works of art created by these two titans of baking,” said White. “As the biggest names in cake, they have a lot at stake in the competition and will lay it all on the line to prove they are the best in the business.”

While details are sparse about the upcoming eight episode series, the creativity from these two talents chefs will definitely push the boundaries. The first season showed floating cakes, gigantic displays and innovative techniques. In some ways, it pushed the boundaries between cake and art.

Additionally, it wasn’t just a cake decorating competition. Buddy and Duff had to prove their talent as pastry chefs. From unusual flavor combinations to expert execution, it was about proving their talent.

Given the hugely successful first season, these new challenges will probably be bigger or more extreme. Duff will not want to relinquish his title and Buddy will definitely want revenge. Still, it will come down to the one man who achieves in the moment. For many Food Network fans, March 2020 cannot come soon enough.

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Will you be watching Buddy vs. Duff Season 2? What type of challenges will you want to see?