Can you recreate these impressive gingerbread houses?


Instead of another pre-packaged kit, these impressive gingerbread houses could serve as the inspiration for your holiday creation.

Many people create gingerbread houses as part of their holiday traditions. While the pre-made kits make the whole process rather straightforward, they may not be the most creative options. What if some of these professional gingerbread houses could inspire your new holiday tradition?

One of the largest creations was done by Sodexo Executive Chef Fred Johnson III. A gingerbread model of the U.S. Capitol took over 378 hours to bring this epic creation to life. Even though it doesn’t seem likely the regular person could create a six-foot long Capitol model, it shows that a gingerbread house can be more than just the traditional version.

While the Disney Parks have life-size gingerbread creations and intricate designs, those Disney treats could inspire a home creation. From hidden Mickeys to favorite rides, these aspects of these displays could be added to any gingerbread house, even a kit version.

If you are looking to really go over the top with your home gingerbread display, Reynolds is showing how to create the ultimate Frozen inspired gingerbread house, Reynolds Kitchens Gingerbread Ice Castle. This 75-pound, 3 foot tall castle is quite impressive.

The gingerbread house was made using Reynolds Parchment Paper with Smartgrid. By using this tool, the experts could create this visually stunning, edible piece of art. More importantly, anyone can use this Parchment Paper with Smartgrid to create their own masterpiece.

On Reynold’s website, it shows the simple steps to create your own gingerbread house. By cutting the pattern and creating the template, those pre-made kits become a thing of a past. Whether it is a simple design or an over the top sugar wonderland, this template makes the process easier.

This holiday season create the most impressive gingerbread house. With a little inspiration and a kitchen tool, your imagination can come to life.

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Do you make gingerbread houses during the holiday? What is your trick to create the perfect gingerbread display?