Buddy the Elf pizza, can you handle all the sugary food groups?


While everyone might know about Buddy the Elf pasta, Tony Boloney’s has created a Buddy the Elf pizza. Are you ready for The North Pole Pizza?

During the holidays, all food, including pizza, can get a special twist. This Buddy the Elf pizza, The North Pole Pizza, might sound more like dessert than dinner to non-elves. If you can handle all the elf main food groups, this pizza could be your holiday dream come true.

Available at Tony Boloney’s Jersey City, The North Pole Pizza is a sugary dream come true. Made with the elves’ main food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup, one bite might give you a sugar rush to last for days.

But, the tasty goodness doesn’t end there. The pizza adds spaghetti, marshmallows and even more sugar. While it isn’t included, a big glass of milk (or maybe a beer) will be necessary to wash all this sugar down.

Even if you don’t live near Jersey City, you can use The North Pole Pizza for your sugary creation. What kid (or adult) wouldn’t want to try their hand at this sugar pizza. Luckily Tony Boloney’s  shared their ingredient list (picture).

Ingredients for Buddy the Elf inspired pizza at Tony Boloney’s Hoboken, photo provided by Slice

Looking at the ingredients, the key is to build the pizza like any traditional pie. Sauce on the bottom, followed by melting items, then everything else.

If you are trying to make this sugary pizza at home, an easy option would be to use a pre-cooked dough (sorry true pizza fans). Then create a topping bar, similar to an ice cream sundae bar. It could be a fun Christmas Eve activity and definitely something different from the traditional holiday cookie exchange.

Tony Boloney’s  has an entire menu with creative pizzas. A quick glance at its menu shows a little tongue and check humor with all their menu items. From creative titles to innovative flavor combinations, this pizza restaurant definitely is worth a trip.

The North Pole Pizza is a limited time offer. Starting on 12/16, guests can pre-order the holiday item via the Slice app. It will be available on 12/19 only. The cost of The North Pole Pizza is $90.

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Do you want to try Buddy the Elf pizza? Do you think that Buddy would approve of Tony Baloney’s pizza creation?