Baby Yoda cookies are your new holiday cookie obsession


Can you easily make baby yoda cookies? A simple baking hack has made everyone obsessed with these holiday cookies and you can make them, too.

Baby Yoda cookies do not require a special Star Wars cookie cutter or expert baking skills. Recently, many home bakers have found a genius way of creating these adorable holiday cookies. Are you ready to bake some special cookies this week?

Everyone is in love with Baby Yoda.  Even if you have never watched a single Mandolarian episode on Disney +, you have seen him. From Tervis tumblers to memes, he has taken over everyone’s feed.

With the popularity, it is obvious that Baby Yoda would take over the food world as well. Although green-ish/brown food may not be the best choice, cookies are the perfect option to create this character.

Granted, there are a variety of Star Wars cookie cutters and even pancake molds on the market, many people might already have a cookie cutter in their baking drawer that will make these cookies a reality. With a little creativity, it is totally simple.

if you have an angel cookie cutter, simple cut off the head (sorry angels) and you have Baby Yoda cookies. Of course, you have to use some royal icing to decorate him. Still, this cookie hack is genius.

Even if you don’t make your own royal icing, you can but some pre-made cookie icing in the baking aisle. The kids will have a great time baking these cookies.

In a way, no one has to be an expert cookie decorator to pull off these cookies.  Since Baby Yoda has such an iconic look, all you need is two colors.  Everyone will see the resemblance easily.

And, don’t worry about the “cut-off” portion of cookie dough. Simply take the extra scraps, re-roll them and make another cookie. Extra cookie dough should never be wasted.

Maybe this year, these Baby Yoda cookies could be your new holiday cookies. Maybe Santa is a huge Star Wars fan.

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What cookie hacks do you use? Will you be making some Baby Yoda cookies?