WHASSSUPPPPP – Are you still chilling with Budweiser?


Some moments are legendary. The Budweiser WHASSSUPPPPP commercial is one of those pop culture moments that everyone knows and still loves.

When was the last time you chilled with a Budweiser? December 20 marks the 20th anniversary of that iconic WHASSSUPPPPP commercial. Originally aired during Monday Night Football, the classic commercial is part of the Advertising Hall of Fame and has become part of the Bud legendary commercials.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this WHAAAAA moment, Budweiser is looking to create the longest WHAAAA chain. If you want to be part of this chilling with Bud moment, record your WHASSSUPPPPP Bud video on your Instagram story and tag @BUDWEISERUSA.

All the stories now through noon EST on December 20 will be linked together to create a super long WHASSSUPPPPP chain. Be sure to check back on the Budweiser Instagram page to view the final result.

Everyone has their favorite Budweiser commercial. From the heartfelt Super Bowl commercials to some sillier moments, there is an underlying idea with all those moments. Sometimes a good beer can bring people together in ways that no one considered.

This particular commercial is a great example. The concept is quite simple yet totally relatable. Who hasn’t reached out to a friend to see what she is doing? While my phrase might not be WHAAA – the sentiment is similar.

In a world where so many people are trying to point out differences, this moment shows that we are all more alike than we know. Isn’t it time that everyone take a breadth, put away the negative and enjoy the fun that is part of everyone’s lives?

With more and more people looking for connections with others, celebrating this moment in pop culture can be a reminder that maybe we all should take a moment, chill with a friend and enjoy with a beverage. Yes, saying WHAAAAASSSUPPPPP can bring a little joy in a chaotic world.

Come join everyone and make the longest WHHAAAA chain. And, it doesn’t have to end today. Let’s carry that positivity into 2020.

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Who’s going to join Budweiser and give a shout out to WHASSSUPPPPP?