Beer in space? Budweiser wants to be the first beer on Mars


What’s the final frontier in beer? For Budweiser, being the first beer on Mars isn’t a dream, it will be a reality.

Reaffirming its commitment to be the first beer on Mars, Budweiser prepares launch barley into space next week. Part of a Space X launch, Budweiser’s barley will be launched into space. The barley will be used on the International Space Station. Over a 30 day period, the barley will undergo several experiments. The hope is that these experiments will help Budweiser’s goal of becoming the first beer on Mars.

Granted it might be a while before people actually colonize Mars, the idea of beer in space isn’t too out of the box. This experiment will see how barley reacts in microgravity. This experiment could impact how brewers make beer on Earth. What’s not to think that space barley could be the newest beer trend?

Budweiser aiming to be the first beer on Mars, photo from BusinessWire

Beer trends keep pushing the boundaries. Bourbon barrel aged beers have been done. Savory ingredients are becoming more normalized. What flavors are left to explore? Space barley could be the new flavor trend that people want.

Granted only a large scale beer company, like Budweiser, could afford this possibility. Sending barley in a Space X rocket isn’t in the budget for a nano-brewery. Still, the space barley beer could become a new, limited edition, must have for the beer lover.

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It remains to be determined if microgravity will have an effect on the barley. While Budweiser’s intent was to create the first beer on Mars, there are other possibilities for this beer experiment. If the outer space environment significantly changes the flavor of the barley, the space beer could be quite a coup. While other beers might have space-related names, no one could claim barley grown in space. If you thought a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon was elusive, this space beer could be the ultimate limited edition libation.

Truthfully, the whole Budweiser first beer on Mars concept is a entertaining bar conversation. It isn’t likely that anyone who can legally drink a Budweiser now will be able to enjoy one on Mars. But, the idea of space beer is a fun one.

Do you think that space beer will be the next beer trend? As long as the beer is cold, why not try one.