Eggnog, coquito or mulled wine, holiday beverages come in all flavors


Holiday beverages are flowing throughout the season. Eggnog, coquito or mulled wine, could one of these holiday beverages be in your cup?

During the holidays, eggnog, coquito and mulled wine are poured as part of these festive celebrations.  With flavors that are popular during the holidays, many people have at least one glass of these holiday  beverages during the season.

Although these beverages seem to always show up around the holidays, how did these three beverages become such a big part of holiday celebrations? More importantly, is there a reason why people are drawn to them like that first pumpkin spice latte of the season?


Somehow the rich, creamy “nog” fills store shelves during the holidays. While there are plenty of all ages versions, the older nog has eggs, cream and rum. While this idea might sound like a richer version of grog, it isn’t too far off.

Today eggnog can be served with a touch of brandy, rum or even some Captain Morgan Gingerbread for an extra holiday flare.

If you do drink a glass, just be thoughtful. That drink might be sweet, but it can pack a hearty punch.


Some people might be unfamiliar with this holiday beverage. It is a Puerto Rican holiday tradition that is similar to eggnog.

Translated from Spanish, coquito means little coconut. The drink is made with coconut and usually rum.

Like other holiday beverages, many families make their own version from traditional recipes. Still, those recipes can be tricky.

Luckily this year, Bacardi released a pre-made version. It is quite tasty and a great option for someone who doesn’t want to create this holiday beverage on her own.

Mulled wine

On a chilly winter night, a glass of mulled wine is quite comforting. Whether it is warming your hands or bringing some heat to your tummy, it is a holiday beverage loved by many people.

A visit to a Christkindlmarket usually includes a small boot of mulled wine. The flavors of cinnamon, clove and other spices blend into the warm red wine. It is a delightful holiday beverage.

These three holiday beverages are just a few examples of the many holiday food traditions. Many families, cultures and countries have their way of celebrating the holiday.

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A toast to you and yours this holiday season. May you glass alway be full.