Miller64 is making a dry-ish January more feasible


When the calendar turns to a New Year, some people choose to have a dry January. Miller64 thinks that a dry-ish January might be a more feasible option.

Whether you have over-indulged during the holidays or looking to make a New Year’s resolution, the idea of a “Dry January” is becoming more popular. While some people have the resolve to skip alcohol all together, Miller64 is reaching out to those people who are looking for a dry-ish January.

Have you cracked open a Miller64 recently? This Miller beer is considered a lighter beer-ish type of beer. With just 64 calories and 2.8% ABV, this beer is definitely a lighter option for people who are looking to cut back on their alcohol consumption. For someone who isn’t quite ready to commit to Dry January, this beer could be a perfect choice.

Since 2008, Miller64 has been offering this lighter beer-ish option. Given the rise in Dry January, this beer could be the choice that many people turn to when they aren’t quite ready to go cold turkey. The brand is tackling that idea in its new campaign.

Anup Shah, Vice President, Miller Family of Brands commented that this particular beer can appeal to Millennial drinkers who are looking for lighter choices. “The new campaign aims to inspire consumers to enjoy life’s happy medium moments. Because why go completely dry when you could go Dry-ish?

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It can be hard to go from over indulgent to nothing. This light-ish beer can be a good option when you want a beverage, but still want to stay within your limits.

For example, in a Miller study, it found that “around 7 in 10 (71%) believe there’s at least one thing that will make it difficult for them to abstain from drinking, including celebrating a special event (62%), being in an environment where everyone is drinking (59%), or experiencing a stressful situation (46%).” Isn’t having options the most important part to keep a new resolution?

To help kick off the New Year and a dry-ish January, Miller64 is offering everyone a free beer. Here’s how to get one.

"Text a photo or screenshot to 72355 and include keyword “MILLER64”Wait for Miller64 to send a linkUpload a receipt from a Miller64 purchaseMiller64 will credit their PayPal account back within 14 days (dollar value is dependent on the state you reside in)"

Is a dry-ish January in your future? Let’s raise a toast to options this year and Miller64 is here to help.

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Are you planning on a dry January? What New Year’s resolution will you make this year?