Worst Cooks in America Season 18 premiere preview: Recruits ready?


Ready for a new season of Worst Cooks in America? Anne Burrell and Alton Brown are ready to turn these recruits from worst to first.

For many Food Network fans, Worst Cooks in America is the ultimate guilty pleasure. While many people aspire to be the ultimate foodie chef, this batch of recruits can make viewers feel much better about their last home cooked dinner. Are you ready to watch the new season?

According to the Food Network, the Worst Cooks in America Season 18 premiere episode, “Bottoms Up” synopsis states:

"Sixteen of the worst cooks in America enter boot camp with dreams of putting their kitchen nightmares behind them. Food brainiac Alton Brown and Chef Anne Burrell want to see what they’re dealing with, so they ask the recruits to make a baseline dish, and the results are truly disastrous. After being sorted into teams, the recruits try to make their chef’s chicken soup and sandwich dish, and the recruits with the worst dishes are sent home."

This new season sees one big change, Alton Brown as one of the mentors. Brown brings a new perspective to the popular Food Network show. It will be interesting to see how Brown brings his signature style to this cooking competition.

Looking at the synopsis, the baseline dish could be quite interesting. While the traditional chef’s test is an egg, it will be curious to see what the recruits have to make. Sometimes the most simple dishes are the hardest to master.

As for the second challenge, chicken soup and a sandwich are a classic dish that every cook should master. It will be interesting to see which recruits can follow directions, stay on task and present a decent dish. Otherwise, their time in the Worst Cooks kitchen will be quite short.

Ready to watch the Worst Cooks in America Season 18 premiere? Here’s how.

Date: Sunday, January 5, 2020

Start Time: 9 p.m. ET

Episode: “Bottoms Up”

TV Channel: Food Network

Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on Food Network’s website or app.

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Worst Cooks in America Season 18 will air on Food Network on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.