Hershey’s Valentine’s Day candy, what will you give your sweetheart?

New Hershey's Strawberry Hearts, photo provided by Hershey's
New Hershey's Strawberry Hearts, photo provided by Hershey's /

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Hershey’s Valentine’s Day candy is starting to fill your sweet dreams. Which candy will show your sweetheart how much you love her?

Hershey’s Valentine’s Day candy is always a favorite treat for both young and old. Who doesn’t remember the first Hershey’s Kiss that you gave your school crush? In a way, Hershey’s candy can be the perfect way to share a special Valentine’s Day moment with your sweetheart.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, Hershey’s has shared some of its and favorite Valentine’s Day candy offerings. Returning this year are the popular Hershey’s Kisses Dark Chocolate Lava Cake. These Kisses are rich, delectable bites. The molten center is almost reminiscent of a truffle.

While these Hershey’s Kisses are delicious on their own, they are quite tasty incorporated into a dessert. For example, the back of the bag offers a molten brownie recipe. The hidden surprise in the middle of that rich, chocolate dessert is amazing.

Another returning favorite is the Reese’s stuffed with Reese’s Pieces Hearts. Of course, heart-shaped candy is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. These stuffed Reese’s candies are always popular because it offers both candies in a single bite. Can you ever go wrong with more Reese’s goodness?

In addition to returning favorites, there are several new Hershey’s Valentine’s Day candy offerings. While each one is unique, there seems to a common theme, fruit. From strawberry to raspberry, fruit and chocolate seems to be on trend this year.

The Hershey’s Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Filled with Strawberry Crème Hearts could become the hot candy of the holiday. Beside the heart shape, they are the perfect color for Valentine’s Day.

Also, it is an interesting choice to blend strawberry crème and milk chocolate. Many people enjoy chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. This candy offers that flavor, with a lot more convenience.

Another new candy is the KIT KAT Raspberry + Crème Miniatures. KIT KAT continues to offer these limited, seasonal flavors. As seen with the pumpkin pie and the sweet cinnamon at the holidays, it is good to see that the variations of the KIT KAT continue.

This KIT KAT is definitely raspberry, fruit forward. The crème is subtle. In a way, these candies would be quite tasty folded into some chocolate ice cream.

If you prefer a non-chocolate Valentine’s Day candy, the Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts are a great choice. The bag of hearts come in three flavors, cherry, strawberry and watermelon. If you like classic Jolly Rancher flavors, these heart shaped candies will definitely be in your candy bowl for the month of February.

Hershey's Valentine's Day Candy
Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts, photo provided by Hershey’s /

Lastly, Reese’s is adding to its shapes. The snack sized shapes have become a huge hit with Reese’s Peanut Butter fans. The heart shapes will definitely fly off store shelves. Just try to save a couple for February 14.

All of the Hershey’s Valentine’s Day candy offerings will be available at various retailers. If they aren’t already, they will be soon.

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What is your favorite Hershey’s Valentine’s Day candy? Are you going to give your sweetheart candy on February 14?