Hungry for a Gronk Box? Uber Eats and The Salty Donut have you covered

The Gronk Box at The Salty Donut, photo provided by Uber Eats
The Gronk Box at The Salty Donut, photo provided by Uber Eats /

Did you know that Rob Gronkowski is a huge fan of Miami’s The Salty Donut? In honor of the big game in Miami, Uber Eats wants to deliver you a Gronk Box.

For many donut lovers, The Salty Donut in Miami is donut heaven. Rob Gronkowski is a huge fan of the popular donut shop and enjoys a sweet treat when he is in town. In honor of the Big Game coming to South Florida, Uber Eats have brought together with the ultimate donut box that will make you forget any healthy eating resolution.

If you aren’t familiar with The Salty Donut, the artisan donut shop is known for its 24 hour brioche recipe. The donuts are super butter and extremely fluffy. While the traditional glazed are amazing, the brown butter + salt donut will make you droll.

Starting January 16 through January 27, the Gronk Box will be available to order via Uber Eats. The donut box was customized by Gronk, himself.

For just $15, customers get a total of four donuts. There are two Whipped Pina Colada donuts, which are “made from 24 hour brioche and filled with pina colada whip, coconut glaze and topped with salted coconut drizzle and a pineapple flower.” The other two donuts are traditional glazed donuts.

Salty Donut, Uber Eats
The Gronk Box from the Salty Donut via Uber Eats, photo provided by Uber Eats /

Looking at the special Whipped Pina Colada donut, it is a flavor that this donut shop does well. It is a blend of the traditional and the innovative. While it is only available in the Miami area, it might be worth a special trip down south to just get a taste test.

For anyone who places a Gronk Box order via Uber Eats will be entered into a special giveaway. Some of the prizes include “general admission tickets to Rob’s Super Bowl party on February 1 at his own Gronk Beach and signed memorabilia from Gronk. ” Additionally, three winners will receive “VIP tickets to Gronk Beach which will be delivered by Gronk himself.”

While some people might order the Gronk Box for the chance to win the amazing prizes, the delicious donuts will have them going back to The Salty Donut long after the Big Game and all the football players have left town.

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Are you going to order the Gronk Box? Have you ever had The Salty Donut donuts?