Epcot Space 220 Restaurant: Disney dining at new heights

Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot, photo provided by Disney Parks
Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot, photo provided by Disney Parks /

Disney dining is always looking for innovative culinary experiences. At Epcot Space 220 Restaurant, guests will be transported out of this world.

Prepare to blast off to an out of this world culinary experience. At Epcot Space 220 Restaurant, guests will feel as if they are dining among the stars. While the space adventure captivates the imagination, the food will bring people to new delicious discoveries. Are you ready for culinary exploration?

Throughout Disney Parks, Disney dining looks to bring guests new, innovative and flavorful experiences. Whether it is character dining, celebrating a country’s cuisine or pushing the boundaries of food trends, Disney is always looking for ways to give guests a new, memorable experience.

As Epcot continues it epic transformation, the upcoming Epcot Space 220 Restaurant, developed by the Patina Restaurant Group, will take guests to new dining heights. Without truly leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, guests will be transported to a celestial world with sweeping views. From the vibrant daytime sky to the twinkling nighttime stars, the view will be as impressive as the food.

The table service restaurant will invite guests to travel 220 miles above the Earth’s atmosphere. As they board the elevator for liftoff, the Centauri Space Station awaits.

And, the adventure begins even prior to sitting down at the table. Guests can view the grow zone, where fresh ingredients are cultivated. Some of those ingredients might even be on guests’ plates later in the evening.

Epcot Space 220 Restaurant
Epcot Space 220 Restaurant, photo provided by Disney Parks /

As seen in many theme park trends, Epcot Space 220 Restaurant is a fully immersive experience. While guests won’t have to work about defying gravity, the environment will feel out of this world. In a way, this dining experience brings guests to new heights without ever truly leaving the ground. It could represent a new direction for many restaurants.

Although the menu has yet to be revealed, guests should experience a delicious, gourmet culinary adventure. As seen in other Patina Restaurant Group restaurants, the menus are carefully cultivated to offer a truly unique culinary experience. No one will be expected MRE style food, unless it is a whimsical play on the space travel staple.

While the exact opening date has yet to be announced, Epcot Space 220 Restaurant is set for lift off in winter 2020. More details and updates can be found at www.Space220Restaurant.com.

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