Super Bowl LIV ditches plastic for infinitely recyclable aluminum cups

Centerplate, Ball Corporation and Bud Light to Present Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Cups at Super Bowl LIV (Photo credit: Matthew Noel)
Centerplate, Ball Corporation and Bud Light to Present Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Cups at Super Bowl LIV (Photo credit: Matthew Noel) /

At Super Bowl LIV, Hard Rock Stadium is taking a step towards sustainability. By featuring infinitely recyclable aluminum cups, a new era has begun.

The idea of infinitely recyclable aluminum cups represents a change of consciousness in the sports venue industry. As more and more people and companies recognize the detriment of single use plastics, this type of initiative will become more widespread. Hopefully the Super Bowl and Hard Rock Stadium sparks a bigger conversation within the sports industry.

In the final Miami Dolphin home game, Centerplate, the hospitality partner of Hard Rock Stadium, introduced this style of cup In a partnership with Ball, the aluminum cups were well received. Now, with all eyes on Super Bowl LIV, the aluminum cups take center stage.

Centerplate has been a leader in bringing eco-conscious programs to light. From cultivating bee friendly habitats to highlighting sustainable practices, the company understands that it can spark a conversation far beyond the exciting play on the field.

According to the announcement, “at Hard Rock Stadium alone the aluminum cups will help eliminate more than 500,000 plastic cups annually.” That number is staggering. If one stadium can make such a huge impact, just think of the changes that could come from more venues adopting this practice.

As seen in the announcement for these infinitely recyclable aluminum cups, the offering is a collaboration between Ball, Centerplate and the official beer sponsor, Bud Light. Each of the aluminum cups are brands with the Super Bowl logo as well as Bud Light. In a way, these cups could become a souvenir for many fans, which can be used over and over again at home.

While many stadiums, theme parks and restaurants have ditched the single use plastic straws, the consumption of single use plastic cups has not been addressed. Although Hard Rock Stadium is committed to ” phase out 99.4 percent of single-use plastics this year,” they are just one venue. If more venues committed to this change the impact would be huge.

Over the years, consumers have adopted reusable water bottles and more people are seeking plastic straw alternatives. This change to an infinitely recyclable aluminum cup seems reasonable. More importantly, the impact this one change can have it worth the effort.

As consumers drive the conservation, more venues and companies will be willing to adapt these practices. While Hard Rock Stadium has adapted these changes, a few other venues have as well. The University of Colorado’s Folsom Field and the Denver Nuggets’ Pepsi Center have joined the change. With more conversation, hopefully more venues will adapt the sustainable practices as well.

While everyone enjoys these events, the impact that consumption has lasts far longer than the cheers from the stands. As everyone looks to make smarter choices, the options will be fueled by more innovations. Although it seems unlikely that everyone will bring their own refillable cup, better choices are, and should be, available.

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What do you think of these infinitely recyclable aluminum cups? Do you think that this change represents the future for sports venues?