Lucky Charms has found a pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky Charms celebrates the luck of the Irish, photo provided by Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms celebrates the luck of the Irish, photo provided by Lucky Charms /

Everyone knows that Lucky Charms is filled with marshmallow delights and this St. Patrick’s Day, the tasty cereal has a touch of gold.

Are you feeling a wee bit Irish? Lucky Charms is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and Lucky the Leprechaun’s birthday with a sweet, golden surprise. Can find the lucky gold coin in your cereal bowl?

For many people, Lucky Charms and its magically delicious marshmallows have been a favorite cereal. Whether it was getting a sweet treat at breakfast or the combination of crunch and marshmallows, there is something irresistible about that special cereal.

While Lucky Charms was more of a treat cereal in this household, St. Patrick’s Day always involved a bowl. Whether it was a touch of the Irish or just a little Leprechaun fun, that cereal tradition remains to this day.

This year, the St. Patrick’s Day cereal tradition is getting a special surprise. A new, limited-edition marshmallow is being added to the mix. The gold coin can be found in specially marked boxes. Can you find Lucky’s Gold?

Hitting store shelves now through March, the green colored boxes cannot be missed. In addition to the special lucky marshmallow gold coin, each box includes a Leprechaun Trap design.

Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, photo provided by Lucky Charms /

While Lucky might not want to be trapped, this fun family activity is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Who hasn’t woken up on March 17 to find a sneaky little leprechaun has caused some green havoc in the house.

The special limited-edition gold coin marshmallows will be found in both the Original Lucky Charms and the Chocolate version. Since it is a special occasion, why not get a box of each flavor and have a half/half bowl to celebrate the lucky day.

The special St. Patrick’s Day boxes with the limited-edition gold coin will be available now through March. It is available in both a small and larger sized box.

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What is your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow? How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?