Krispy Kreme has created the perfect Valentine’s Day doughnuts

Kripsy Kreme Conversation Heart Doughnuts are back for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Krispy Kreme
Kripsy Kreme Conversation Heart Doughnuts are back for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

Thanks to Krispy Kreme, there’s a new way to tell the person you love most how much you care … even if that person is you.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re long past the days where Valentine’s Day meant choosing the perfect Conversation Heart to leave on your crush’s desk while the entire class distributed their valentines.

Maybe it’s been a while since you picked up a box of Valentine’s Day candy — unless you’re that person who shows up to your local grocery store for sweet discounts on February 15 (guilty).

But now you can relive the edible conversation glee this Valentine’s Day with Krispy Kreme‘s latest seasonal menu item: Conversation Heart-inspired doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme’s Valentine’s Day Dozen is back, and it’s filled with all your favorite flavors (and fillings). Heart-shaped doughnuts would be a perfect gift all on their own, but these — like the Conversation Hearts that inspired them — also include edible messages that will let the people around you know how much you care.

The best part about these doughnuts is that they’re not just for your significant other. You can also offer them to your family, friends, and other people in your life you want to express your appreciation for. Because let’s be honest: Even if not everyone loves doughnuts, no one could turn down a kind gesture. Especially one that says “BAE.”

There are 24 possible messages available — one for just about every situation. “XOXO” might be a good universal note to leave for that person you’re glad to have around, but aren’t necessarily interested in hearing about their Valentine’s Day plans.

You can order a Valentine’s Dozen online for delivery or pickup anytime between now and February 14. Each box comes with a combination of Cake Batter, Strawberries & KREME™, Original KREME™ and Chocolate KREME™ Filled doughnuts. If you order soon, you can even get them in a special gift box.

Valentine’s Day doughnuts are available only at participating Krispy Kreme locations nationwide.

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Will you be ordering heart-shaped doughnuts for Valentine’s Day — even if you plan on keeping them all for yourself?