Super Bowl LIV menu: Hard Rock Stadium highlights Miami flavors

SBLIV BBQ Nachos, photo provided by Matthew Noel/Centerplate
SBLIV BBQ Nachos, photo provided by Matthew Noel/Centerplate /

While all eyes will be on the field, the Super Bowl LIV menu at Hard Rock Stadium is worthy of the championship game and the vivacious Miami atmosphere.

Super Bowl LIV has taken over Miami and the Super Bowl LIV menu at the Hard Rock Stadium exemplifies the bright, bold flavors of Miami. Curated by Centerplate’s Executive Chef Dayanny de la Cruz, the first female head chef for a Super Bowl, this Miami-centric menu will have fans clamoring to try each and every dish.

With over 65,000+ guests attending the championship game, the menu needed to balance approachable dishes with menu options that would impress guests. Looking at some of the highlights, the Centerplate team has clearly accomplished that goal.

For those lucky enough to score a ticket to Sunday’s game, a few menu highlights are definite stand outs. One big takeaway is the use of seafood. Given the location, highlighting fish dishes allows the dishes to be lighter but still bold in flavor.

Some highlights on the Super Bowl LIV menu include:

Key West Stone Crab claw cocktail

Stone crabs are always a popular choice in South Florida. This dish is quite elegant for a football game, event the Super Bowl. The combination of a mustard aioli and a lemon wrap balance the richness of the stone crab. It is quite possible that guests will want two servings.

Super Bowl LIV Menu
SBLIV Centerplate Kan Kan, photo by Matthew Noel/Centerplate /

Skewered Pork Kan-Kan

This Super Bowl LIV menu item might be the most adventurous and representative of Miami flavors. The pork is marinated in a “homemade blend of annatto, sazon and chimichurri.” The blend of flavors brings the heat without becoming overpowering. Served with lime-inflused plantain chips, this Latino dish is a wonderful homage to the host city and the Latino food culture.

South Florida Seafood Paella

Highlighting “freshly source Key West shrimp, mussels, clams and squid, ” this dish is a seafood celebration. Served with Valencian bomba rice, the mix of spices and seafood is definitely an homage to the spice of life in Miami. Even if you don’t have a mojito or a cava to pair with it, this paella is a dish that you will want to recreate at home.

Key Lime Pie Milkshake

A visit to South Florida requires a taste of Key Lime Pie. This version is a easy to eat option at the big game. Combining key lime pie and vanilla ice cream, the flavor is the perfect blend of sweet and tart. The dish offers a few whimsical choices, too. The candied lime gummies are an unexpected touch.

Super Bowl LIV Menu
SBLIV Hot Dog Trio, photo by Matthew Noel/Centerplate /

The Super Bowl LIV menu offers a tremendous amount of options and these menu choices are just a sampling. It is another example how Centerplate is elevating stadium food. While that hot dog is always tasty, fans are wanting, and getting, chef-driven dishes. In some cases, guests are as excited for the food as they are for the game on the field.

Super Bowl LIV will be held at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, February 2, 2020. Kick-off is slated to be 6:30 p.m. EST.

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Which of the Super Bowl LIV menu items would you be most excited to try? Do you think that stadium food is heading in the right direction?