Dunkaroos are back and everyone is beyond excited

Dunkaroos are back! photo provided by General Mills
Dunkaroos are back! photo provided by General Mills /

Have you dreamed of Dunkaroos finally returning to store shelves? General Mills is bringing back the 90s favorite snack to everyone’s excitement.

No, it isn’t a rumor. Dunkaroos will be coming back to store shelves. General Mills confirmed that the favorite 90s snack will make its triumphant return and everyone is dunking for joy. When will you be able to get a box?

For anyone growing up in the 90s, Dunkaroos were the best snack. It was more than just a cookie with some icing. It was you got to dunk the cookie in the icing. There is nothing more satisfying than an interactive snack.

Unfortunately, to many people’s sadness, the snack was discontinued in 2012. While U.S. consumers couldn’t find the tasty snack, Canadians still got to dunk those yummy cookies. There was even a campaign called “Smugglaroos” where fans would head to Canada to get their snack fix.

General Mills confirmed that Dunkraoos will be coming back to store shelves this summer. Although the exact date is unclear, the summer is looking pretty sweet.

Previously, the snack came in several different flavors. For this special snack returning to store shelves, the flavor will be Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles. Granted, this flavor is the most requested and favorite. Still, it would have been nice to have a chocolate variety.

The return of this snack shows a trend in the snacking industry. Many 90s snacks are coming back to store shelves. It seems that the 90s are having a big comeback beyond the small screen reboots. Maybe everyone is just at that age when the 90s are cool again.

If you are wanting to get your Dunkaroos fix, keep checking back with General Mills for an update. Or, if you see a box, tag #FoodSided and let us know if they still taste as good as you remember.

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Which 90s snack do you want to bring back? Is there a snack that gets needs a reboot?