Are Hostess Llama Cupcakes the sign that the unicorn trend is over?

Photo: Hostess Llama Cupcakes.. Image Courtesy Walmart
Photo: Hostess Llama Cupcakes.. Image Courtesy Walmart /

Who needs colorful unicorns when Hostess Llama Cupcakes are coming to Walmart. Are you ready for this new sweet treat?

Are you ready for the new Hostess Llama Cupcakes? The newest limited-edition cupcake from Hostess will be hitting Walmart‘ shelves this month. Does this new cupcake predict a change in the animal food trends?

For a while, everyone has been obsessed brightly colored, unicorn food. From cupcakes to ice cream to everything in between. It could be the colors or it could be the connection to that mythical creature. No matter the reason, everyone wanted to have something unicorn-themed.

Although many people love the colorful unicorn, llamas found their own special niche. Whether it is fun to say llama or the animal’s cute appearance, more and more people are drawn to those llamas.

For a while, there was a fun combination of being a llama-corn. The whole idea was to celebrate being your unique self. While be anyone else when you can be a llama-corn, right?

The new, limited-edition cupcake, Hostess Llama Cupcakes will quickly fly off store shelves. The boxes are cute, but more importantly the cupcakes are fun to eat.

The confetti cake is always popular with kids (and many adults). Plus, the lavender icing will make many people smile. Every day is just a little brighter with confetti cake.

The Hostess Llama Cupcakes will be available at Walmart starting on February 12. An 8 count box will retail for $2.86.

Don’t wait too long to try a box. The limited-edition Hostess cupcakes will disappear in April.

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Are you excited about the Hostess Llama cupcakes? Will you grab a box, or two?