Hostess Unicorn Cupcakes make for magical lunchboxes


Looking to add some sweet, colorful magic to lunchtime? Hostess Unicorn Cupcakes are on Walmart’s shelves and they have cast a spell on us.

Add some sparkle to snack time. Limited edition Hostess Unicorn Cupcakes are now on the shelf exclusively at Walmart and these cupcakes are totally magical. How many boxes will you buy?

The new limited edition Hostess Unicorn Cupcakes feature what has become to be classic unicorn colors. Teal, pink and purple make these cupcakes burst with brightness.

While the color is bold, the cupcake flavor is classic. The traditional yellow cake is filled with crème. Granted the crème is studded with pink and purple bits, but there is no change to the regular flavor.

Given the extreme popularity of unicorn themed foods, this new cupcake will definitely become a hit. From school lunches to parties, everyone will want a little magical, colorful fun.

Hostess is considered the best selling snack cake in history. While those chocolate cupcakes with the iconic icing swirl instantly come to mind, there are various flavors in the line. Vanilla, Red Velvet and even Orange are all flavor options.

Occasionally, Hostess offers limited edition flavors and designs. Previously, it had offered baseball themed cupcakes. There have been limited edition flavors like salted caramel, strawberry and even mint chocolate.

In some ways, the limited edition offerings make fans come back to the classic snack cakes. Sure, the classic flavors are iconic, the new twists keep the snack and brand fresh. It isn’t too far removed from the classic favorite, but it is different enough to make things exciting.

The new Hostess Unicorn Cupcakes are available exclusively at Walmart. A pack of 8 sells for $2.97.

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Is your snack time ready for a little unicorn magic? How many Hostess cupcakes will you buy before they disappear?