Hostess Baseball CupCakes: Batter up for a sweet baseball season


Batter up baseball fans. Hostess Baseball CupCakes are the sweet treat that will hit a home run with fans.

Move over peanuts and hot dogs. Baseball fans are ready for a sweet treat. The new Hostess Baseball CupCakes are here for the 2018 baseball season. Don’t strike out. These special treats are available for a limited time.

Hostess Baseball CupCakes: Batter up for a sweet baseball season, photo provided by Hostess

The Hostess Baseball CupCakes pay homage to America’s pastime, baseball. While cupcakes might not be the traditional baseball stadium food, these snack cakes are a great treat for everyone. Whether a celebratory cupcake after a big win or a pick me up after a tough game, these baseball inspired cupcakes will get the smile back on anyone’s face.

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These special Hostess treats are available in two varieties. The Day Game CupCakes feature frosted yellow cake, a nod to the bright sunshine that makes a baseball even more enjoyable. The Night Game CupCakes feature frosted chocolate cake. While the cake flavor may be different in each version, the creamy filling is both the same.

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What makes these special cupcakes baseball-themed is the decoration. The Original Squiggle is red on these special cupcakes. The look has the appearance of a baseball. Don’t worry, no one will get the two objects confused. One is much tastier than the other.

“Baseball fans and Hostess fans have a lot in common as they are both passionate about an American tradition,” said Keith Peterfeso, Hostess Brands’ Brand Director for All Day Snacking. “Hostess is delighted to join these two fan favorites together in celebration of a much beloved sport.”

This special, limited edition treat is perfect for families, baseball fans and especially younger baseball players. What little league team wouldn’t want to enjoy one of these special treats after a game. The small size makes it a convenient, snack treat. Plus, the multi-packs make it easy for groups.

Even though baseball season goes well into the fall, these Hostess Baseball CupCakes are available for just a short period of time. After April, the special cupcakes will disappear from store shelves.