Vital Farms believes the egg comes first wants you to see it

Vital Farms egg cartons featuring farm names can now be found on shelves nationally. photo provided by Vital Farms
Vital Farms egg cartons featuring farm names can now be found on shelves nationally. photo provided by Vital Farms /

Putting aside the classic question of chicken or the egg, Vital Farms thinks that consumers deserve to see how those eggs go from farm to table.

One of the biggest food trends is knowing where and how your food is made Vital Farms has been a leader in supporting ethically produced food industry. By supporting small farms, the egg company is forwarding the conversation of knowing where, how and why food gets to the family table. The newest innovation, a traceability program, consumers can watch how the egg literally goes from farm to table.

While some chefs are lucky to personally know their farmers, the general consumer does not have that direct relationship. Most people get their food from the grocery store with fully stocked shelves offer a bounty of goodies. Still, consumers want to make informed decisions. Everyone knows that a great tasting dish starts with amazing ingredients.

Vital Farms forged its own path. The brand is on a mission to give consumers food that they can trust. It is the reason why the brand supports small farms. Those farms focus on animal welfare, which in turn makes for happier animals and can make a better tasting egg.

The company has been committed to pasture-raised egg farming for a decade. While the company understands that concept, it thought that it was time to actually show consumers the farms and chickens behind those eggs on the table.

On each Vital Farms eggs carton, there is a farm name. Consumers can enter that name on the website and see a “360° view of the exact farm your eggs came from.”

Now, there is a cuteness factor of seeing hens roaming around, but there is a bigger picture. It shows the brand’s commitment to ethically produced food.

Becca Simmonds, Associate Brand Manager and traceability project lead for Vital Farms, said “each partner farm is unique, but they all offer abundant outdoor space that meets our leading standards for the hens, all year-round.”

Maybe consumers will find some recipe inspiration from those farm views. Many people believe that what grows together goes together. Maybe some aspect of each egg farm could inspire a tasty brunch recipe. Maybe there will be some seasonal vegetables in that fritta or a hint of rosemary in that flakey biscuit. The possibilities are many.

Next time you are buying eggs at the grocery store, look for the Vital Farms eggs. Take a package home and see where those tasty eggs began. It could spark a whole new direction for your next meal.

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Does ethical farming drive your buying choices? Do you want to know more about how food arrives on your plate?