5 Shamrock Shake facts that you might not know about this McDonald’s treat

50th Anniversary Shamrock Shake and Shamrock McFlurry, photo provided by McDonald's
50th Anniversary Shamrock Shake and Shamrock McFlurry, photo provided by McDonald's /

As the Shamrock Shake makes its triumphant return on February 18 and celebrates its 50th anniversary. Did you know these five facts about the McDonald’s shake?

Ready to have a big Shamrock Shake? While the 50th anniversary saw the addition of the Shamrock McFlurry, that new McDonald’s treat is the only reason to celebrate everyone’s favorite seasonal dessert. Did you know these five facts about this McDonald’s shake?

While everyone knows that this McDonald’s shake celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, there are a few more interesting aspects to this minty green treat. This special treat is a legend in many ways. From the limited availability to even a NFL team association, there are plenty of reasons to have a third, fourth or fifth shake this season. Just don’t miss out on the tastiness before it is gone.

Here are five Shamrock Shake facts that you might not know

Shamrock Shakes weren’t always available nationwide. Previously, there was a special list that showed the locations that offered the special minty frozen treat.

Shamrock Shakes have strong ties to the Philadelphia Eagles. Besides the green color, “In 1974, sales from the shake helped to build the very first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.” Joining forces with a Philadelphia Eagle player whose daughter was suffering from Leukemia, a local McDonald’s franchise owner, McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Eagles, the shakes created a place for families to stay together while the children received treatment.

Additionally, this special connection allowed Philadelphia McDonald’s locations to sell the seasonal shakes at the beginning of the 2019 football season. It was definitely a pot of gold to receive these special treats in the fall.

There once was a Shamrock Sundae. In 1980, a minty-green sundae was available. The classic vanilla soft serve was topped with the mint-green Shamrock syrup. Who wouldn’t want that special treat to come back?

In 2010, McDonald’s created the World’s Shamrock Shake. The 24 foot tall shake was poured into the Chicago River. While the create was a Ronald McDonald House Charities fundraiser, it would have been interesting to see how many people would be able to enjoy that big shake.

For the first time in 2020, the Shamrock Shake will be available in both Canada and Ireland. It looks like a lucky year for even more McDonald’s fans.

These five fun facts are just a sampling of the reasons why people love this seasonal shake. Whether you enjoy one, five or fifty, the time is limited to get your fill. With this year being the 50th anniversary, it is the best excuse to enjoy a few more shakes than more.

Plus, don’t forget about the new Shamrock McFlurry. It is going to be tasty Spring at your favorite McDonald’s location.

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How many Shamrock Shakes do you enjoy during the limited shake season? Do you have a special twist or hack to enjoying this sweet treat?