Move over waffles, KFC Chicken and Donuts are here

KFC Chicken and Donuts, photo provided by KFC
KFC Chicken and Donuts, photo provided by KFC /

Forget about chicken and waffles, KFC Chicken and Donuts have made their way to the menu nationwide. But, hurry to try them before they disappear.

KFC Chicken and Donuts are the new limited edition KFC menu item that satisfy that sweet and savory craving. While many people love the combination of chicken and waffles, this combination of the chicken and donuts will definitely have people talking. Are you going to go order this new KFC menu item?

Adding a touch of sweet to fried chicken can be quite satisfying. Some people love a drizzle of honey with fried chicken. The idea is that rich, savory fried chicken is lightened a little bit from the sweet notes.

For many years, the combination of chicken and waffles has been a popular brunch item, turned into an anytime meal. From super spicy fried chicken to a more traditional version, that topping to the fluffy waffle offers a lovely contrast of texture. Then, with a drizzle of syrup, the flavors just pop.

Previously, KFC offered chicken and waffles on its menu. People loved that quick service version of the popular restaurant option.

This latest innovation, KFC Chicken and donuts, brings its take on the newest food trend. KFC will serve a hot, glazed to order donut. The key to this dish being successful will be the donut. A hot, fresh donut will definitely make the dish.

To kick off this new menu, the KFC is hosting The Colonel’s (Chicken &) Donuts Shop. Located in Los Angeles, the donut capital of the world, everyone can get a taste of this new sweet and savory menu combination.

For everyone else, the new KFC Chicken and Donuts menu items will available through March 16 or while supplies last. Given the buzz around this launch, it is best to get into your local KFC to try a taste before they are gone.

Guests can order a Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Basket meal or the Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich. If you are really wanting to get the full experience, order the sandwich. Although, this sandwich might be best enjoyed with a fork and knife.

Also, if you just want a donut, guests can add a donut to any KFC meal. Isn’t a donut a great pairing to any KFC menu item?

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What do you think of the KFC Chicken and Donut limited edition menu item? Will you be heading to KFC to try one?