National Margarita day cocktails: Flavorful, colorful and delicious

Dynasty Margarita, 019 Margarita of the Year winning recipe created by Jay Khan, photo provided by Patron
Dynasty Margarita, 019 Margarita of the Year winning recipe created by Jay Khan, photo provided by Patron /

Salud to National Margarita Day! While margarita cocktails can be simple or complex, this food holiday is the perfect excuse to enjoy one, or a few.

Are you ready to celebrate National Margarita Day? While there are many different types of margaritas, February 22 was created to celebrate that classic cocktail. Although people can debate who invented the margarita, everyone can agree that this cocktail is usually quite tasty.

In honor of National Margarita Day, several tequila companies have shared some amazing margarita recipes. From spicy to floral to subtle to vibrant, there is at least one margarita on this list that will strike your fancy.

Is your cocktail shaker ready for National Margarita Day?

Dynasty Margarita

Would you like to sip on the 2019 Margarita of the Year? The Dynasty Margarita was created by Jay Khan. This cocktail is the perfect balance tart, floral and spice. While it has elements of a traditional cocktail, there are a few twists on the traditional.

Here’s how to make a Dynasty Margarita.

"Dynasty MargaritaIngredients:1.5 oz    PATRÓN Silver.5 oz      PATRÓN Citrónge Orange.25 oz    St-Germain.75 oz    Fresh lime juice.25 oz    Ginger syrup, such as Liber & Co.3     Fresh or canned lycheesGrapefruit salt rimLime twist for garnishMethod:Rim a rocks glass with grapefruit salt. Place lychees in a cocktail shaker. Add remaining ingredients to shaker with ice and shake hard to chill and combine. Double strain onto fresh ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime twist."

Hibiscus Margarita
Hibiscus Margarita, photo provided by Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila /

Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus has been a big flavor trend in beverages. From the flavor to the color, hibiscus is more than just a tea flavor. In this margarita, the watermelon provides a nice contrast to the hibiscus. With the touch of smoked salt, the margarita flavor has layers of flavors.

"Hibiscus MargaritaIngredients:2 oz. Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila1/2 oz. Hibiscus Syrup1 oz. Watermelon Juice1/2 oz. Lime JuiceSmoked paprika salt for rimMethod: Shake all ingredients over ice. Pour into a chilled rocks glass with a smoked paprika salt rim. Garnish with lime wedge."

National Margarita DAy
It Takes Two to Tango margarita, photo provided by AriZona /

It Takes Two To Mango

Sometimes a great margarita include some of your favorite beverages that are already in the refrigerator. This margarita uses AriZona Mucho Mango as a mixer. This cocktail is easy, yet quite flavorful. Are you ready to take two?

"It Takes Two To MangoIngredients:½ oz Fresh Lime juice½ oz agave nectar1 ½ oz Arizona Mucho Mango1 ½ oz Jose Cuervo Especial Silver2 dashes Mexican hot sauce1 cup iceMethod: Combine ingredients in a blender. Blend until ice is smooth. Serve up with lime wedge"

Cayennade Margarita, photo provided by Casamigos
Cayennade Margarita, photo provided by Casamigos /

Cayennade Margarita

While spicy margaritas are always a delicious sip, this margarita adds another food trend, kombucha. The fermented drink adds a big, bold flavor. The touch of kombucha brings another level of flavor. It is definitely a slow sip that will have you going back time and again.

"Cayennade MargaritaIngredients2 oz. Casamigos Blanco Tequila.75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice.5 oz. Agave Nectar1 Serrano SliceTop off with Cayennade by GT’s KombuchaMethod: Combine all ingredients, except kombucha into tin shaker. Muddle serrano, add ice, shake vigorously, and fine strain into rocks glass. Add fresh ice, top off with GT’s Cayennade Kombucha, and garnish with lemon wheel on skewer with Cayenne salt sprinkle over top."

These margaritas are just a small sampling of the vast and varied types of margaritas. While it can be easy to order just a simple, plain margarita, next time consider something with a little twist. From a touch of spice to an exotic fruit, the classic cocktail will always be in style.

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How will you celebrate National Margarita Day? What is your favorite margarita?