Stassi Schroeder celebrates the World’s First CBD (California Based Dairy) Dispensary

Stassi Schroeder and Real California Milk unveil the world’s first California Dairy Dispensary, Los Angeles, CA., photo by Alexandra Heston Photography
Stassi Schroeder and Real California Milk unveil the world’s first California Dairy Dispensary, Los Angeles, CA., photo by Alexandra Heston Photography /

A new dispensary came to Venice, California. Stassi Schroeder and Real California Dairy opened a CBD, California Based Dairy Dispensary.

California is often on the forefront of food trends. While some foods are getting enhanced, Real California Dairy is showing that dairy can provide that good mood feeling without any additional additives.

To showcase the mood enhancing aspects to dairy, Real California Dairy opened a dispensary, California Based Dairy Dispensary,  in Venice, California. While dispensary often is with medically prescribed enhancers, dairy can offer a mood boost, too.

According to Real California Dairy, various dairy products can offer a boost to anyone’s day. While it might sound cliché, there is a real reason why you grab that tub of ice cream when you are having a bad day. Sure, there are extra calories, but that dairy treat seems to spark a smile.

The same can be said about that cheese plate. As friends gather and nibble on those tasty cheeses, maybe with a glass of wine, the good times flow. Those bites of cheese just seem to boost the mood.

While many people are looking to other edibles to enhance their lifestyle, dairy products can offer a mood enhancement too. At the CBD, dairy docents showed which dairy items fit into people’s lifestyles. Sometimes a fresh perspective on a traditional food can spark a new interest.

To help open the World’s First CBD (California Based Dairy) Dispensary, Stassi Schroeder, New York Times bestselling author, television personality and podcast host, helped to bring the dairy mood booster to everyone.

Schroeder is a big dairy fan. With a busy schedule and an upcoming wedding, she understands that good food can make a difference in how a person feels. Although she recently learned of dairy’s mood boosting qualities, she is excited that her love of dairy can bring some mood enhancement. For her, it is a great reason to eat more cheese.

Schroeder is even looking to add more cheese to her big day. “For my wedding, I have been trying to convince my fiancé, Beau, to skip the traditional tiered wedding cake and go with a Cheese Cake—Made of layers of wheels of some of my favorite Real California Milk Cheeses like: Cheddar, Parmesan, Gouda, Blue Cheese and a Brie layer to top it off! “

While not everyone will serve a cheese-centric wedding cake, many people can find easy, flavorful ways of incorporating more dairy into their lifestyle. Still, not all dairy products are the same. While some people might just grab any cheese or milk, where and how those products are cultivated matters.

Real California Milk, Stassi Schroeder
TV Personality Stassi Schroeder Rolls up the Original Mood Enhancer, California Based Dairy with Real California Milk, Los Angeles, CA. photo by Alexandra Heston Photography /

Schroeder said, “Real California Milk products are all about the real – real food from real family farmers right here in California. Many people may not know that California is the #1 dairy state and produces more ice cream and butter than any other state and is #2 for cheese and yogurt so it’s easy to find products made with California milk.”

While many consumers are about convenience, how and where food is produced does matter. Whether it is an organic farm or a farmstead cheese, those nuanced flavors come from the care that the California Dairy Producers put into their craft. Looking for the Real California Dairy seal denotes a definite difference.

Adding more dairy into a diet can be relatively simple. For Schroeder, she said, that she tops “off my salad with creamy ranch dressing or dipping my pizza in ranch is my favorite thing.” Just like her, little things are easy to incorporate.

Plus, has a variety of recipes that are continually updated. From savory dishes to your morning smoothie, almost anything can get a boost from Real California Dairy.

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Do you think that dairy can be a mood enhancer? What dairy-centric food boosts your mood?