Worst Cooks in America Season 18 episode 8 preview: Solving the puzzle?


With just a few more episodes in the Worst Cooks in America season can these recruits find a way to put all the pieces together and prove their cooking ability?

Ready for another Worst Cooks in America episode? The recruits have come a long way since the first cooking disaster of the season. While many dishes still make Alton Brown cringe, the finale is just around the corner. Will someone final put all the cooking pieces together?

According to the Food Network, this week’s Worst Cooks in America episode features the following:

"The recruits enter the world of clandestine cuisine and play a game where they answer seafood trivia in order to reveal a picture puzzle. Then Alton Brown and Anne Burrell teach them how to make empanadas for their skill drill challenge. In the main dish challenge, the recruits make shellfish dishes, but those with unsuccessful dishes see victory slip through their claws."

Watching the recruits make empanadas could be a disaster in the making. While some recruits did ok in the dumpling challenge, this challenge could be more difficult. From the consistency of the dough to the flavor in the filling, these recruits need to pay attention to the details.

As for the main challenge, shellfish dishes could be quite scary. Since Alton has refused to eat some dishes all season, it could be another instance of Alton judging dishes based on plating, not taste.

Still, in some ways, a shellfish dish should be doable by these recruits. Knowing when a shrimp or a scallop is properly cooked is relatively easy. As long as no one leaves shells in the dish, everyone should be on the path to being a better cook.

With no eliminations last week and only one more episode before the finale, it is still hard to pick a potential winner. Any little mistake could send even the most improved recruit home.

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