Prairie Farms seasonal milk is arriving just in time for Spring

Prairie Farms Seasonal Milk flavors, photo provided by Prairie Farms
Prairie Farms Seasonal Milk flavors, photo provided by Prairie Farms /

Prairie Farms seasonal milk arriving to a grocery store near you, and this is just in time for spring! This sure will taste good on a cool spring day.

Prairie Farms seasonal milk is arriving in time for Easter and Spring, and will be coming to a place near you soon! These flavors sound quite different than the usual norm for milk products that I’ve ever seen before. I’m a big fan of my milk, and I’m almost tempted to try these flavors myself.

These unique flavors come in chocolate custard, strawberry crème, orange crème, chocolate marshmallow, and eggnog. Prairie Farms isn’t afraid to try something different, at least.

The only bad news is that these items may vary depending on your region; so you sadly may be out of luck if it is not near you. You maybe lucky though and possibly find these, but it seems these items will vary on if they’re going to make it in your area. You may have to miss out on the Prairie Farms seasonal milk, but some report you’re able to check online via the Walmart website to see if they’re in stock near you.

Prairie Farms is a well known company and makes a variety of other diary products such as cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and even cream cheese. One of my favorite items Prairie Farms makes is actually the cream cheese and their dip.  You can trust that the milk will be amazing to add to your fridge alongside the other products the company is known for.

I personally think that the orange flavor sounds the most appealing to me, but I am also a big chocolate fan so will be trying that flavor too. I am not too keen on trying out the eggnog flavor as I love that and find it great by itself. Plus, it is nice to get eggnog after Christmas.

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What do you think of the Prairie Farms seasonal milk flavors? Will you be searching the stores looking to buy some?