Snyder’s of Hanover new pretzels are snack pop-able

New Snyder's of Hanover Rounds, photo provided by Snyder's of Hanover
New Snyder's of Hanover Rounds, photo provided by Snyder's of Hanover /

Snyder’s of Hanover has been bringing tasty pretzel snacks to the table. Its newest pretzels are making snack time pop-able.

Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels have always been a snacking favorite. There is something about that crunch, texture and flavor that make this classic snack always enjoyable. From the classic pretzels to the sticks to the pieces, there is a pretzel flavor that is perfect for any snack craving.

Since the iconic pretzel company is always looking to innovative, two new pretzel offerings are coming to store shelves. The Pretzel Rounds and Seasoned Twisted Sticks will have everyone re-thinking what pretzel snacks can be. Are you ready to try a taste?

In a new twist for pretzels, the Pretzels Rounds are quite a different approach to pretzel snacking. While people often grab a handful of pretzels to enjoy, the traditional pretzel shape isn’t quite conducive to popping them into your mouth. This new shape changes the snacking game.

About the size of a dime, these Pretzel Rounds offer a light and airy consistency. Each bite offers that satisfying crunch. It is definitely a different way to enjoy a pretzel.

Additionally, these Pretzel Rounds would be great to add to snack mixes or a trail mix. For dessert lovers, they would be the perfect texture and flavor addition to ice cream, too.

For a bolder flavor twist, the Seasoned Twisted Sticks offer variety to the classic lineup. The Seasoned Twisted Sticks are flavored with onion, garlic and pepper. In a way, it is almost like an everything flavor.

Snyder's of Hanover
New Snyder’s of Hanover Twisted Pretzel Sticks, photo provided by Snyder’s of Hanover /

Given the twisted pretzel shape, the seasoning works perfectly into the little crevices. The buttery pretzel is the perfect pairing to this seasoning. While delicious on their own, a dipping sauce of a spicy brown mustard is must try.

The new Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels will be hitting store shelves this month.

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Which Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels are your favorite? Are you excited to try the two new offerings?