Pure Leaf is encouraging tea drinkers to embrace the no

Amy Poehler in Pure Leaf's new Cold Brew Tea campaign, photo provided by Pure Leaf
Amy Poehler in Pure Leaf's new Cold Brew Tea campaign, photo provided by Pure Leaf /

When was the last time that you said no to something? In the new Pure Leaf campaign, everyone is encouraged to find the beauty in saying no.

For many people, time is a luxury. Pure Leaf understands that its premium iced tea might be enjoyed while working that extra hour on that special product, driving kids to a field trip or just trying to re-energize while folding that endless pile of laundry. Although kids might think that time never goes fast enough, adults realize that there are never enough hours in the day. That to-do list gets longer, the pressure to say yes grows and that moment of calm just never seems to arrive. Isn’t it time for everyone to embrace “No is Beautiful?”

In its newest campaign, Pure Leaf is encouraging everyone to feel the power of saying no. Whether it is no to another school bake sale, no to checking emails on the week or no to having your Mother-in-law going on vacation with the family, that two letter word can be the most powerful word in your vocabulary.

Now, Pure Leaf isn’t telling people to give a “no” with a big unicorn explanation, but it is encouraging people to see that “no” is empowering. In their survey, Pure Leaf found that “85% (of women) agreed that taking on too many tasks negatively affects their quality of life.” Of course, many people want to be all things to all people, but what about the path to a better you?

Need a little encouragement to take back the power and embrace the “no?” Check out this video.

As women, saying no isn’t necessarily in our nature. Whether it is the desire to please or the pressure to fit in, everyone is looking to be agreeable. The idea is that saying no is abrasive or displeasing. Unfortunately, that leaves the most important person, yourself, on the bottom or off that to-do list.

While this campaign will get much attention because it says what many women want to say, it can stand as a reminder that being confident in who you are and what you do doesn’t necessarily mean that you put others first. Nor, does it mean that you have to keep up with the number of likes on an Instagram post, the “perfect mom” in car pool line or the over achiever at work. Being the best you is all that matters.

Pure Leaf
New Pure Leaf Cold Brew, photo provided by Pure Leaf /

Part of that mentality is in each bottle of Pure Leaf tea. The brand says not to artificial flavors, concentrates and tea powders. It says “no” to ingredients that doesn’t make its tea taste better. It says yes to the things that matter.

Even if you aren’t ready to fully embrace the “no,” you can start small. It could be just that five minute bathroom reprieve away from the kids after the end of the day. Saying yes to yourself is the first step to embracing “No is Beautiful.”

Are you ready to re-write the book on saying no? Pure Leaf wants to see how you would re-write those classic fairy tales where the princess just seems to be waiting for her savior. Maybe in your version, that damsel in distress finally saves herself. If you want to see that story come to life, read more at www.OnceUponANo.com.

As for this woman writer, it is time put myself on the top of the to-do list and say no to that school bake sale, swim carpool and last minute work trip. After saying all those no’s, I am saying yes to a quite corner, a good book and a glass of Pure Leaf iced tea.

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What are you ready to say no to? What other ways are you putting yourself first?