Churro Chillatta, Cinnabon creates the ultimate frozen treat

Churro Chillatta frozen beverage from Cinnabon, photo provided by Cinnabon
Churro Chillatta frozen beverage from Cinnabon, photo provided by Cinnabon /

Why have one sweet treat when you can have two? Churro Chillatta from Cinnabon is the ultimate frozen treat that is irresistible.

While that delicious Cinnabon aroma entices, the newest treat, Churro Chillatta, is a must try, This over the top beverage and dessert combination will have you driving directly to the closest mall. Are you ready to do a taste test?

Available for a limited time, this over the top beverage might become the next foodie-gram obsession. This beverage combines the Cinnabon signature blended Chillatta with a tasty churro. The churro is either served as a Churro Swirl or a Churro Stick. The whole treat is topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.

Looking at this special frozen treat, the biggest question is do you eat the churro on its own or dip it into the Chillatta. With the Churro Stick, the dipping option is a given. While the churro might not be as crunchy, the combination of flavors should be tasty.

As for the Churro Swirl option, this combination is similar to a donut/beverage combinations that are becoming popular. Whether it is Epcot or a local donut shop, topping a frozen beverage with a pastry is becoming a food trend. It tends to offer a “choose your own adventure” eating option. One bite dipped and another bite on its own.

While Cinnabon will always be known for its iconic cinnamon buns, these special limited-edition offerings add some excitement to the menu. Even though eating a whole cinnamon bun and this Churro Chillatta in a single sitting might be overwhelming, trying the frozen treat at least once it worth at least the Instagram picture.

The Churro Chillatta is available now for a limited time. It retails for $6.29. While an exact end date to this offer is unavailable, it might be best to try one sooner than later.

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What do you think of the Churro Chillatta? Are you going to try one?