Bringing happiness together: Chips Ahoy! cookies and Reese’s Pieces are delicious

New Chips Ahoy made with Reese's Pieces, photo provided by Chips Ahoy
New Chips Ahoy made with Reese's Pieces, photo provided by Chips Ahoy /

While cookies and milk are a classic, Chips Ahoy! cookies and Reese’s Pieces are the bite of delicious that instantly bring the happy to the table.

Sometimes a classic can get better. Soon to be hitting store shelves, Chips Ahoy! cookies and Reese’s Pieces combination will have everyone grabbing a bag and a big glass of milk. The combination of Hershey’s candies and the classic chocolate chip cookie brings the happiness together. The only question on the table is, how many cookies will you eat at one time?

Chips Ahoy! cookies have been favorite for decades. That crisp, chocolate cookie is tasty dunked in milk, eaten on its own or even mixed into ice cream. Every bite seemed to have the right combination of chocolate to cookie ratio.

Still, even favorite brands can benefit from a little re-invention. A few tweaks can turn a favorite into an even more delicious treat. If you are ready to taste the happy togetherness, go find a package of Chips Ahoy! cookies and Reese’s Pieces.

For many people, Reese’s Pieces is a favorite candy because it offers that flavor of sweet yet satisfying, smooth peanut butter. Encased in that candy shell, those candies just seem to beg to be eaten a handful at a time.

In the new cookies, the reinvention of America’s favorite chocolate chip cookie gives consumers more variety. Since so many people adore the classic chocolate chip cookie, a new flavor option gives them choices to satisfy that craving. In some ways, everyone is happier together.

According to Sabrina Sierant, Associate Director, Chips Ahoy! at Mondelēz. “We’re always looking for new delicious flavors to bring to life in a chocolate chip cookie that will provide consumers with the variety they crave in their sweet snacks.”

The new cookie combinations deliver on that promise. For peanut butter lovers, the mini Reese’s Pieces option will give the peanut butter flavor that people crave with a touch of sweetness. Given this flavor combination, dunking in some chocolate milk might be the ultimate indulgence.

For more traditional cookie lovers, the Chips Ahoy! cookies made with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate offers a smooth, milk chocolate taste. While eating them on their own is delicious, these cookies could be amazing when served with some ice cream. It could become a perfect end to a meal.

The new Chips Ahoy! cookies will be hitting store shelves this month. A package has a suggested retail price of $2.95.

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Are you ready to bring some happy together? How many packages of the new Chips Ahoy! cookies will you buy?