Chipotle Together: Let’s do a virtual lunch together

Chipotle Together for a virtual let's do lunch, photo provided by Chipotle
Chipotle Together for a virtual let's do lunch, photo provided by Chipotle /

With technology, people can still connect. Through Chipotle Together, Chipotle and its fans can eat together, just in a new way.

Ready to do lunch the new way? Chipotle Together is a way to adapt to this ever changing climate. With technology, people can still connect with each other. Let’s do a virtual Chipotle lunch  together.

With restaurants turning to delivery or curb side pick-up, people venturing into a new normal. Even though many people eat at a table by themselves, the noise, the feel and the being around people is part of the lunchtime experience. Just because you are sitting at home doesn’t mean that you cannot be around other people.

Chipotle Together is using the Zoom meeting app to create a virtual lunchtime hangout. The brand is bringing together its super fans to host these virtual events. Yes, we call can still do lunch.

The first Chipotle Together will be held at 11am PST/2pm EST. Colton Underwood of the The Bachelor will host. Since Zoom is often used for business meetings, Colton will walk everyone through a rather humorous Chipotle-inspired presentation.

If you want to join one of these Zoom meetings, check with @ChipotleTweets. “No conference room booking necessary.”

In a way, this idea could be the new normal for a while. Just because people cannot physically eat in a restaurant doesn’t mean that they cannot support their favorite restaurant. From delivery to curbside pick-up, restaurants need people’s business.

Why not take that meal time and turn it into a time to FaceTime with a friend. What about turning that meal into an beach escape by scrolling through old vacation photos. Meal time might be a different location but it can be fulfilling.

Also, Chipotle wants it customers to understand that it is adapting to this new normal. Starting now, the brand has implemented the following:

"Delivery Kitchens, which feature dedicated teams and ingredient stations to prepare digital orders with careNew tamper evident packaging seals to help ensure food is untouched during deliveryA new delivery tracker in app to provide step-by-step real-time updates, so you can follow your meal from the restaurant to your location"

Enjoying a meal together doesn’t necessarily mean sharing a table together. Why not Chipotle Together and bridge the gap. Making a connection with people all around is not going away.

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Are you ready for a virtual lunch? How are you supporting local restaurants during this time?