National Carry Out Day and Carry Out Wednesday: A way to help


As the restaurant industry faces uncertainty, some industry groups started National Carry Out Day and Carry Out Wednesday to help the hospitality industry.

Have you heard of National Carry Out Day and Carry Out Wednesday? Everyone has a favorite local hangout. Whether it is the spot that has been open for 30 years or a newcomer to the block, that local restaurant is the place where you celebrate milestones, gather with friends and find a moment of cheer.

In today’s ever changing world, that local restaurant looks quite different. As uncertainty causes unease, that local restaurant is not the bustling spot that we all find so comforting. Still, there can be a way for people to make a gesture during these unsettling times.

Lisa Frank, a recruiting /career coaching business owner, and her sister, who owns Thumbs Cookies, wanted to help the hospitality industry. As businesses owners, themselves, they wanted to help other small business owners. The idea was to give people the opportunity to support small business while still practicing social distancing.

Food & Beverage Magazine, EntertainMint Events and Food + Travel have partnered to declare Wednesday, March 18, 2020 National Carry Out Day. While this designation is meant to help immediately, the holiday is meant to continue going forward. The idea is that the third Wednesday in March will be #CarryOutWednesday. The hope is to use this day to highlight local businesses.

According to Michael Politz, Publisher of Food & Beverage Magazine, “All of us must do our part to keep our hospitality industry afloat during these trying times, creating this takeout experience will adhere to the social distancing while at the same time doing our part to support our local eateries.”

The idea is simple, place an order for carryout, if it is possible in your area. Many restaurants are offering curbside options. Take a moment to look online, call the restaurant or look on social media. While one order might not seem like a lot, it can bring a little positive to the day.

Also, think about enjoying that favorite local restaurant meal with friends. While people might not be able to sit at a table in the restaurant, create a virtual meal. Facetime a friend while eating. Even if you don’t talk continuously, it can be a way to feel a little more connected.

Right now, everyone could use a little positive. Whether it is finding a way to help support a favorite local restaurant, sharing word of encouragement or just trying to create a routine, small moments can and do make a difference.

Consider joining National Carry Out Day and Carry Out Wednesday. Share you experience by using the hashtags #NationalCarryOutDay and #CarryOutWednesday on social media.

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