Popeyes wants its fans to fried chicken and chill for free

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

Popeyes does not want you feeling jealous of your friends who binged all those great Netflix shows. Check out how fans can fried chicken and chill for free.

Did you order Popeyes fried chicken or a Southern style chicken sandwich? With everyone staying in, the idea of fried chicken and chill is becoming the new norm.

But, what if you don’t have a Netflix account or you can’t borrow your parents’ or friends’ password? Your favorite Louisiana Kitchen is coming to your rescue.

As seen on the brand’s social channels, Popeyes is sharing its Netflix username and password. Only the first 1,000 people to post using #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes and their Popeyes order will get the password. If you want to start chilling, you better start posting.

Check out the video that announced this promotion.

This promotion is a fun idea. Since people may not be able to share a meal in the restaurant, it is a way to enjoy it with others. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a freebie?

Even if you miss out on the free Netflix password, why not keep this idea going. Fried chicken and chill could become the new Taco Tuesday.

With everyone staying in over the weekend, many people took to social media to connect. From taking the Chopped Challenge to virtual happy hour, people are finding ways to interact. It might not be face to face contact but people can still talk and see each other.

Food brings people together. While everyone might not be able to gather at the bar or congregate at the table, everyone can come together over social media. Just knowing that we are all in this together can be that positive spark that people need.

If you ordered some Popeyes or will be ordering some today, tag #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes. Even if all the passwords have been given out, it is a great way to see that other people are enjoying that famous fried chicken.

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What are you ordering? How are you connecting with people while staying in?