Quarantine Birthday? Baked by Melissa will send you free cupcakes

Baked by Melissa Sends FREE Cupcakes, photo provided by Baked by Melissa
Baked by Melissa Sends FREE Cupcakes, photo provided by Baked by Melissa /

Don’t let a quarantine birthday get you down. Baked by Melissa is spreading some birthday cheer by sending people free cupcakes. It’s a sweet celebration.

Missing a special occasion due to social-distancing can be sad, but Baked by Melissa is going to make it a little brighter. The cult-favorite mini cupcake brand is ready to turn that frown upside down. Maybe free birthday cupcakes and a virtual celebration can make the celebration memorable.

Celebrating a birthday can be marked by gathering with friends and family. While everyone can do that celebrating virtually, it can be nice to have a sweet treat to enjoy on that special day. Since not everyone is a master baker, Baked by Melissa is coming to the rescue with some free mini cupcakes.

Starting today, the company is offering the first 100 people a free Birthday Surprise 25 pack. Simply go to https://www.bakedbymelissa.com/birthday-surprise and enter BDAYSURPRISE20 . The offer includes free standard shipping, nationwide. It is definitely a little something sweet and hopefully will bring some smiles to people across the U.S.

If you are looking to share a little cheer with a friend, family member or just someone, the brand is offering a Bring the Birthday Party to You package. When purchasing one of the select birthday products, the company will ship a free Birthday Party Kit. Just think of the virtual celebration that everyone can have.

In these difficult times, everyone is looking to find a way to bring some positive to daily life. Whether it is helping restaurant workers through #GreatAmericanTakeout, doing Zoom chats, or even putting teddy bears in window, these small moments can bring small moments of happy.

For some, this year’s birthday celebration may not be the same as previous years. Still, it doesn’t mean that the day cannot be celebrated. Whether you enjoy a few mini cupcakes, pop open a bottle of bubbles at home or maybe make a donation to a charity, there are ways to mark the occasion.

Many brands are trying to help spread a little happy during these difficult times. If everyone does their part, future birthday celebrations can be even more memorable.

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What are you doing to spread a little cheer right now?