Busch offering free beer for those fostering dogs

Foster a dog, get a Busch, photo provided by Busch Beer
Foster a dog, get a Busch, photo provided by Busch Beer /

Busch is offering free beer to those who foster dogs during this time of uncertainty amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Busch Beer is teaming up with the Minneapolis-based Midwest Animal Rescue and Services (MARS) to offer free beer to those who foster dogs to assist the shelter. This also applies to adoptions from the shelter as well.

Additionally, Busch Beer has donated $25,000 to MARS to enable them to continue their mission of saving and serving animals in need. Anheuser-Busch is one of many companies that has been donating to various charities during these difficult times.

To apply, go to the MARS website linked above and use “Busch” in the referral line. You can also learn more at the Busch website. Potential owners are responsible for all adoption fees as normal, and must live in the US to qualify for this promotion, which will run until April 22.

If approved, Busch will deliver a free three-month supply of beer, which might be needed, given the stress of this situation the world is currently in and depending on how the dog or puppy’s behavior is.

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Not only will this help improve the life of the dog in question individually, but it will also mean one less mouth to feed and tail to clean up after for the shelter workers, who are likely feeling the stress of things even more than usual.

Besides, having a dog in the home means there’s never a dull moment, can improve health in a variety of ways, and provides some routine in the daily caring tasks, which is needed.

To learn more information about MARS or the fostering/adoption process, see their website for more details, email at AdoptionAtMARS@gmail.com, or call them at 763-503-4990.

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So to wrap up, foster dogs in need and get some free beer while doing so seems like a great combination.