Can drinking tea help to lower heart disease risk?

Benefits of drinking tea, photo provided by Lipton
Benefits of drinking tea, photo provided by Lipton /

Does your morning start with drinking tea? In some ways, that cup of tea could be the sip to lowering heart disease risk.

Food and health have always been linked. Drinking tea can be more than just a morning ritual, refreshing sip or favorite beverage. In a recent study in Advances in Nutrition, the findings seem to suggest that that heart disease risk can be lowered through tea consumption. Does that mean you should brew a pot of tea today?

As seen in the study published in the Advances in Nutrition, “People who drink 2 – 3 cups of tea per day may lower their risk of death from heart disease by approximately 8 – 12%, compared to non-tea drinkers.” Given that Heart Disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S., these findings seem to suggest that a cup of tea is worth a sip.

More people are looking to food to supplement and assist in their healthy living choices. From eating more fruits and vegetables in a plant-based diet to boosting nutrition through food, many people believe that food is a source of good health.

One proponent of connection between food and health is Dr. William W. Li. The author of Eat to Beat Disease has long believed the connection between food and wellness. He believes that food has the power to assist in restoring health.

Based on the Advances in Nutrition study, the idea that drinking tea could help lower heart disease risk is intriguing. For some people, they could be drinking tea already. For others, adding a few cups of tea into their food diet is an easy adaptation.

For many people, coffee is the grab and go beverage to start the day. At the push of a button, a piping hot cup of caffeine is ready to go. But, that morning ritual does not have to be the only beverage to start the day.

Brewing a cup of tea can be the ritual to set the day. As that tea steps, it can be the moment take a breath, focus inward or look to what is ahead. Although not everyone has to mediate while that tea is brewing, a few minutes of calm can be a beneficial.

In a blog post, Dr. Li commented on the benefits of drinking green tea. While many people look to that vibrant color for a visual perk, the tea has numerous benefits. From reducing stress levels to lowering blood pressure, green tea is a great beverage to add to anyone’s routine.

Drinking green tea at home is easier than people think. Lipton has a variety of green tea options. From green tea, itself, to flavor infused versions like mandarin orange and mint, there is a variety that will fit every flavor profile.

Check out this video on how to make green tea.

If you prefer black tea, there are many ways to enjoy this classic tea. Lipton has a wide variety of black teas. Whether you want to experiment with a cold brew tea or prefer the iconic black tea variety, there is an option for everyone.

Since there are benefits of drinking tea, why not turn the whole experience into a ritual. Whether it is using a special tea pot to brew the tea or a drinking the tea from a cup that brings back a special memory, let that sipping enjoyment be a moment of focus, of clarity, or of calm. Sometimes everyone needs just a moment.

Even if people do not replace every cup of coffee, soda or other beverage with a cup of tea, slowly incorporating a tea into anyone’s routine can have some benefits, according to these studies. Just like how tea slowly steeps, a little change over time can become a flavorful habit.

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