Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces bring out the chef in everyone

New Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces, photo provided by Hellmann's
New Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces, photo provided by Hellmann's /

Looking to take dinner up a notch? Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces are here to turn up the flavor on all types of dishes. Ready to take a taste?

As more people explore cooking at home, Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces are a perfect way to explore flavor. From a drizzle to a dip to even a dressing, these five new sauces could make your next home cook meal taste like the flavors from your favorite restaurants. That inner chef is ready to make her appearance.

From watching food TV to celebrity chefs to a favorite restaurant, a delicious dish is a combination of ingredients. When all the parts combine in a perfect bite, the flavor is exquisite. In many cases, a sauce is the component that brings it all together.

Making sauces from scratch can be difficult to master. While learning the mother sauces is goal for many chefs, the average home cook might prefer to leave that task to the professionals. Still, a great sauce can make an average dinner become spectacular.

Luckily, Hellmann’s understands that many home cooks are looking to create restaurant quality dishes at home but could use a little help. The new Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces are just the solution. Available in five flavors, these sauces will change any dish from bland to bold.

The five Drizzle Sauce flavors are Roasted Garlic, Cilantro Lime, Creamy Bourbon BBQ, Creamy Chili Honey and Roasted Red Pepper. Whether you like spicy or a burst of umami, these sauces deliver.

Hellmann’s comments that these sauces can be paired with almost anything. From a drizzle on top of some tacos to a dip for some vegetables or even finishing a dish, the options are limitless.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a few of the Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces and I was pleasantly surprised with the sauces’ versatility. Basically, almost every pairing was a success.

For the boldest flavor in the line, the Creamy Chili Honey brings the heat. Since this sauce is used sparingly, it adds just the touch of boldness that can elevate a dish. Even a simple side dish, like a baked potato shines with a drizzle of this sauce.

Truthfully, the simplest pairing is with a chicken breast. A grilled chicken breast gets a boost from this sauce. Try pairing it with some jasmine rice and simple vegetables for a meal. Also, combine all those ingredients together for an amazing bowl.

Another choice, the Creamy Bourbon BBQ is perfect as drizzle over a flank steak. Many people like steak sauce and this option brings a creamy, smoky version. The touch of sweet can balance a touch of pepper on a steak. Plus, if there is a little left over, try dipping some fries or smashed potatoes in the sauce.

Lastly, if you love roasted garlic, the Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces in Roasted Garlic will be a pantry staple. The versatility of this sauce is amazing. Try it as a drizzle on a sandwich. Or, add a squeeze to even to pizza. There are too many uses to list them all.

All the Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces are available now. A 9 oz bottle retails for approximately $3.49.

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Are you ready to discover flavor on the plate? The new Hellmann’s Drizzle Sauces could make you discover a new joy of cooking.