Buffalo Wild Wings offers Sports Live On Challenge for those missing sports

photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Having major sports FOMO? Buffalo Wild Wings Sports Live On Challenge is bringing everyone together in celebration of those “other” sports.

For many people, Buffalo Wild Wings, America’s favorite sports bar, is the place to catch Opening Day, March Madness and a variety of other sports. This year’s Spring sports are looking a little different. Instead of excitement building, everyone is looking back at years’ past. To bring some levity to the current situation, BWW is celebrating the unsung sports heroes with Sports Live On Challenge.

During trying times, sports bring people together. Whether it is watching the American flag unfurl on a football field or cheering the first pitch, sports bring a little bit of hope. With today’s current unprecedented climate, the stadiums sit empty.

For some people, last weekend’s airing of “The Ocho” brought a little levity to the sports fans. Sure, cherry spitting might not have been the nail bitter like Opening Day, but it was fun to see a different side of sports.

Buffalo Wild Wings is here to celebrate the sporting side of everyone. Their Sports Live On Challenge, #SportsLiveOn, is asking sports fans to show their best athletic endeavors with the world.

While these sporting achievements might not be Golden Glove worthy, they aren’t America’s Funniest Home Videos either. Basically, BWW is asking people to show off their athletic skills. In many ways, this challenge makes people feel a little more connected.

Maybe your kid has the best golf trick shot. What about that ability to land the perfect belly flop? Watching everyone’s take at their sporting achievements could be the highlight to today’s social distancing.

In this week’s challenge, BWW asked fans to submit their best bat flips. Since there was no MLB Opening Day, this idea was a fun choice to get everyone feeling a little less baseball lost.

As seen in the highlight reel, there are some pretty impressive sports talents out there. From that epic hockey shot to a stylish slam dunk, sports are still being played.

Maybe this social media challenge could get everyone being a little more active, while practicing social distancing. Why not add a little something special to that morning run? What about spending a little extra time outside? Sometimes that diversion can make a day a little brighter.

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What talent would you submit to Sports Live On Challenge? Do you think that you could make the Buffalo Wild Wings highlight reel?