Pillsbury Easter Cookies have everyone hopping into baking

Pillsbury Bunny shape sugar cookies, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Bunny shape sugar cookies, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Need another reason to get baking? Pillsbury Easter Cookies are here and everyone could use these happy sweet treats in their Easter basket.

With Easter around the corner, Pillsbury Easter Cookies are hopping into the refrigerated section. Although digging into that Easter candy stash might be quite tempting, these sweet treats are the perfect cookies to bite into now.

More and more people are turning to baking to make them feel better. Sometimes a little sweet treat is the perfect bite of happy.

Although some people are attempting to bake from scratch, the process can lead to mixed results. That Easter egg cookie could look a little more like a Christmas ornament.

Luckily, the Pillsbury Easter Cookies make baking easy and fun. Whether you want to just bake and eat or prefer to decorate, there is a cookie for you.

This year, Pillsbury has three different Easter cookie options. They are Pillsbury Bunny Shape Sugar Cookies, Pillsbury Chick Shape Sugar Cookies, and Pillsbury Easter Egg Cutout Shape Sugar Cookies.

Pillsbury Easter Cookies
Pillsbury Easter egg sugar cookies, photo provided by Pillsbury /

If you are looking to show your creative side, the Pillsbury Easter Egg Cutout Shape Sugar Cookies are the perfect choice. Whether you want to add some sprinkles, edible glitter or even decorate with an edible marker, the options are many. Maybe these cookies will be a great choice for Easter dinner or brunch. Everyone can make their own dessert creation.

For something more simple, the Pillsbury Bunny Shape Sugar Cookies and Pillsbury Chick Shape Sugar Cookies are a perfect. Looking at both designs, they are adorable. Who can resist those Easter animals?

Pillsbury Easter Cookies
Pillsbury Chick shaped sugar cookies, photo provided by Pillsbury /

For a twist on just the cookie, consider turning these cookies into mini-ice cream sandwiches. Consider adding some brightly colored ice cream to highlight the Easter colors. Think about a strawberry ice cream for a pink color or maybe even a mango sherbet for something super flavorful.

The Pillsbury Easter Cookies are available now through April. The suggested retail price is $2.50 a package. Check with your local stores for availability.

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Are you ready to hop into some Easter baking? The Pillsbury Easter Cookies are the sweet treat that brings smiles every time.