Easy five ingredient recipes that your kids can help make

Tangy Orange Dream Delight. Image Courtesy SunnyD
Tangy Orange Dream Delight. Image Courtesy SunnyD /

Need some easy five ingredient recipes that the kids can help make. From breakfast to a sweet treat, these recipes will have everyone excited to be in the kitchen.

Sometimes, simple recipes can be a kitchen staple. These easy five ingredient recipes will have the whole family excited to be in the kitchen. Maybe the older kids can even whip up treat for mom and dad.

As families balance distance learning and everyone staying in, people are looking for ways to keep busy. While many people have started to bake, watch chefs on Instagram and even experiment on their own, cooking can sometimes be intimidating. Sometimes starting with simple, easy to make recipes is a great way to begin.

SunnyD has shared some easy five ingredient recipes (or less ingredients) that even some older kids can make on their own. From a morning smoothie to tasty dessert, these recipes are a great reason to have SunnyD in the house.

Check out these recipes.

Tangy Orange Cream Delight

Do you love an ice cream cake? This recipe is a super easy version of an ice cream cake. With just graham crackers, butter, sugar, ice cream and SunnyD, a delicious dessert or treat is on the table.

While this recipe uses graham crackers in the crust, you can add a few extras to the crust, too. Some chopped pecan mixed into the graham cracker crust is quite tasty, too.

Gelatin Snack Shapes

It might be an old joke, but there is always room for gelatin. This recipe swaps SunnyD Mango for water. It is best to use a plain gelatin. You could experiment with flavors, but if you like the SunnyD Mango, it is best to use plain gelatin.

The best part of this recipe is the fun shapes. Whether you use cookie cutters or just cut your own shapes, there are plenty of ways to be creative with this treat.

easy five ingredient recipes, SunnyD
Sunshine Smoothie. Image Courtesy SunnyD /

Sunshine Smoothie

Everyone loves a smoothie. Whether it is breakfast or an afternoon pick-me up, a smoothie is always a good choice. This recipe is just SunnyD, yogurt and ice. If you like SunnyD, this smoothie will mix things up a little.

Awesome Tangy Creamsicle

Sometimes a treat makes the day just seem better. This recipe is the SunnyD twist on a classic creamsicle. Basically, combine all the ingredients in a blender and done. Who says that the pantry doesn’t offer a tasty dessert?

easy five ingredient recipes, SunnyD
Peach Banana Shake. Image Courtesy SunnyD /

Peach Banana Shake

Everyone knows that eating fruits is good for you. This simple shake is packed with bananas and peaches.

You do have to plan ahead, a little. By freezing the bananas, the recipe doesn’t need ice. This shake could be everyone’s favorite new breakfast.

These easy five ingredient recipes can get everyone in the kitchen for a little food fun. Whether you stick to the recipe or add a twist of your own, it can be fun to explore food.

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What are some recipes that you enjoy making as a family? Share your favorites in the comments section or share a picture using #FoodSided.