Easy baking recipes are even tastier with the right chocolate

Godiva Chocolate cupcake using Godiva Milk Chocolate Baking bar, photo provided by Godiva
Godiva Chocolate cupcake using Godiva Milk Chocolate Baking bar, photo provided by Godiva /

With everyone baking more, easy baking recipes can make anyone a master baker. With the right chocolate, that sweet treat is even tastier.

From a master baker to a novice, easy baking recipes are a kitchen staple. Since baking can be a comfort for many, the kitchen seems to be dusted with flour and sugar. While that classic Betty Crocker cookbook might be finding a new use, other easy baking recipes add some variety to the plate.

One key to any good recipe is the ingredients. Just like a savory dish, the best and right ingredients matter. From the best baking butter to rich, decadent chocolate, there is a difference in flavor and execution. If you have ever wondered why your cookies are flat or your cupcake tastes bitter, you might want to check your ingredients.

As more people begin to bake, one easy way to gain confidence in the kitchen is to start simple. For example, Godiva offers a variety of baking mixes that are almost fool proof. From a chocolate lava cake to the brownie cheesecake, these baking mixes will help anyone become a good baker.

In one box, all the dry ingredients (you will need to add your own fresh ingredients, like eggs) are included. Even the pans come in the box. These Godiva baking mixes are even an activity that the whole family can do. Maybe that weekend dinner can include a whole dessert menu.

The best part about these baking mixes is that is contains Godiva chocolate. The iconic chocolate brand is rich, luscious and that flavor comes through in each bite. From the molten lava center of the cake to the decadent flourless torte, these baking mixes could give your restaurant cravings a run for their money.


If you are looking to push your baking creativity, there are other easy baking recipes that everyone can do. Again, good ingredients are key.

Thinking about a simple chocolate cupcake, the balance of the moist crumb of the cake with the creamy smooth frosting is what makes it a perfect bite. The chocolate needs to be flavorful to make each bite more satisfying.

For example, a simple, flavorful frosting can be made with just whipping cream and Godiva Baking Bars. And, if you have a little frosting left over, you could even put a little on your after dinner coffee.

Easy baking recipes
Godiva Chocolate Chip cookies made with Godiva Baking Chocolate, photo provided by Godiva /

Lastly, chocolate chip cookies always seem to be a favorite treat. But, not all chocolate chip cookies are the same. Of course, grandma probably has a secret recipe that is tried and true. But, if grandma won’t share, Godiva has a delicious chocolate chips recipe that is easy to make.

If you are looking to make these chocolate chip cookies even more special, remember to use some good butter. These European style butters are the best for baking.

Also, a touch of sea salt on top of the finished cookie is key. If you have never tried sea salt on a cookie, it is a must.

There are many other easy baking recipes on the Godiva website. After all, a sweet treat baking in the oven can instantly bring a smile to any day.

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Do you have any easy baking recipes to share? What is your best baking secret?